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Bawumia didn’t campaign but won

Dr Bawumia

Those who supported, campaigned and voted for Dr. Bawumia, did so on the bases that Ghanaians have short memories and will forget all that he said from 2016 to 2020 and as recently as October 2023. The plan was to hype Bawumia, mess up the campaign and when Bawumia wins, they will come back and explain and explain.

They told us any public survey that puts Dr. Bawumia at 80% is fake. After the elections, Dr. Bawumia got 61% and they are explaining. They said this is the first time someone had gotten this high, higher than John Kuffour and Nana Addo. So, didn’t they know it was Dr. Bawumia’s first time, before they were projecting 80% for him?

Before the voting on November 4, I heard Nana Akomea saying on Peace FM and Justin Kodua on their “NPP Decides” platform that the election of a Muslim and Northerner cancels the NDC campaign message that NPP is an Akan party. Today, they are saying, Dr. Bawumia was not elected based on his religion and tribe. So, did Dr. Bawumia lie when he told people to vote for him because he is a Muslim and a Northerner?

We all know how they described Ken Agyapong when he was exposing the corruption and thievery in this administration. They called him a thief, an idiot, and a liar. After the elections, they are describing him as a gentle man who always speaks his mind.

Unfortunately for the NPP, some members of Ken’s team don’t have short memory. Mr. Ralph Agyapong, a lawyer and a brother of Ken Agyapong has stated emphatically that the team will bounce back after the 2024 elections. I don’t know what that means but I guess the leadership of the NPP knows.

Team Bawumia used his position as the Vice President to whip most parliamentarians, ministers, and all other appointees to vote for Bawumia. Because they think Ghanaians are stupid, they have started selling Bawumia to us as a humble man, who has his own vision. They are doing the same as they did for Nana Addo in 2016. Today, we know Nana Addo is a criminal, arrogant, and insensitive

The killing of Kwabena Boadu, a former Aide of Dr. Bawumia has come up. The mother of Mr. Boadu wants answers from Dr. Bawumia. She wants to know exactly how her son died and who killed him. Team Bawumia wants us to forget it because we have short memories. Dr. Bawumia should prepare his defense after the 2024 elections or go to jail.

In the few weeks ahead, Team Bawumia will organize an event and fill the room with TESCON members, who will make noise at every lie Bawumia will make. If that happens, the communication team of the NDC, led by Sammy Gyamfi, should quickly attack the messenger as a criminal and the message as scandalous. We shouldn’t have time to entertain any nonsense from anybody.

By the way, if spoiled ballots can beat Addai Nimoh in the elections, the NPP should not allow him to pick any presidential forms in 2028. He’s done.
Aba no, Mahama afa.

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