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Bawumia’s Credibility: Group Takes On NPP Gov’t

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Accra 26/11/2023


Unmasking Bawumia’s Failed Leadership: Mahama’s 24-Hour Economy Lights The Path To Prosperity

Today, we address the misleading rhetoric propagated by Dr. Bawumia, the NPP presidential candidate, regarding H. E. John Mahama’s visionary proposal for a 24-hour economy in Ghana.

Dr. Bawumia’s attempt to discredit this transformative initiative is not only disingenuous but also a desperate diversion from his own legacy of unfulfilled promises and economic mismanagement.

It is crucial to recall Bawumia’s grand assurances to Ghanaians during the 2014-2016 campaign—a pledge of “bread and butter” under NPP leadership. Fast forward, and Ghana finds itself saddled with the unfortunate label of a junk economy during Bawumia’s tenure.

The reality is stark: the promises made were mere illusions, and the economic downturn experienced under the NPP leadership cannot be ignored.

Enter H. E. John Mahama, who, with a wealth of experience, has outlined a pragmatic solution to reverse the economic downturn—a 24-hour economy. This proposal is not just a policy; it is a lifeline for Ghana’s struggling economy.

Unlike Bawumia’s hollow assurances, Mahama’s plan is grounded in a comprehensive understanding of economic dynamics and a commitment to real progress.

Mahama’s vision for a 24-hour economy is a beacon of hope, promising increased productivity, job creation, and renewed economic growth.

Bawumia’s attempt to disparage this initiative is a desperate bid to deflect attention from his own shortcomings and the failures of the NPP administration.

Ghanaians deserve a leader who does not merely make promises but delivers tangible results. Mahama’s 24-hour economy is the answer, a well-thought-out strategy that will reinvigorate Ghana’s economic landscape and set the nation on a trajectory of sustained growth.

As we approach the upcoming elections, let’s not be swayed by empty rhetoric. Ghana’s future depends on leadership that prioritizes the people over political posturing.

H. E. John Mahama’s 24-hour economy is not just a policy—it is a promise of prosperity for all Ghanaians.

Kofi Agbeko

National Convenor

Pillars of Ghana Cadres


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