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“Baxee”, The Symbol of Authority of Anlo Queens

Mamaga Abui Buiekpor Ii Mamaga Of Anlo Kingdom
Mamaga Abui Buiekpor Ii Mamaga Of Anlo Kingdom

One symbol of authority of Anlo Queens is the “Baxee”, which accompanies some Stools among the Anlos. It can be called their Stool, though oral literature uniquely identified it. “Baxee” mostly carries riches, gold, diamond, cowries and other protective items. One of which is a wooden doll that some called “Ametorlorpi”.

The roles of Queens among the Anlos dated back to the days of migrations and wars and centuries when men dominance was at it peak. However, the present day of chieftaincy has given prominence to our Queens though there is more room for improvement.

This is exactly why women with power and influence like the current Mamaga Abui Buiekpor II, Mamaga of Anlo Kingdom, who is the Queen to Torgbiga Wenya III, Dutor of Anlo Kingdom are needed to spearhead progress and development.

“Baxee”, served as a symbol of authority for women who were very instrumental during migrations and wars by providing accoutrements and food to the warriors and gave financial supports in the form of buying arms for the warriors.

“Baxee” was used to keep the riches possessed by very wealthy women in the past during their migrations from one place to the other and the wars fought during their exodus. It was also a symbol for the wealth acquired through conquering and defeats of enemies.

Just like the Ancestral and war Stools, “Baxee” has a room dedicated to it, though in some families and clans, it is in the same room with the Stools. Sacrifices and rituals are made to it in a very special way. These are mostly guided by what the “Afa” divination says after consultations. And among the Anlos, no chieftaincy rituals and sacrifices can be done without a “Diviner” (Bokor).

However, generally, rituals and sacrifices are made to the “Baxee” with black or white fowl, sheep, turkey, strong drinks especially schnapps and other relevant items.

During installation of Queens, they don’t go through the “oath swearing” process. But they are counseled and adviced by other Chiefs and Queens. And reminded to hold allegiance to their Stools and dedicate themselves to the duties and responsibilities that go with the position.

History has taught us a lot about the roles and bravery that some distinct women of Anlo land showed at the time that it was unfashionable to do so. And even some men were not able to dare. That is why there is the need to celebrate and add reverence to those women who sacrificed for this generation.

For the purpose of this write up, apart from Mamaga Abui Buiekpor, one other name worth mentioning is Mama Yakagbe who fought along side the warriors and helped with her mystical powers during the Anlo Datsutagba war.

In the present days, however, the roles of Queens are well cut out and with much room for performance based on the power and influence one wields. But more is needed to be done by the current Queens so that the next generation of Queens will not be relegated to the background.

That is one of the missions of HRM Mamaga Abui Buiekpor II and fully supported by our King, HRM Torgbiga Wenya III, Dutor of Anlo. And under the leadership of Torgbiga, new wind is blowing over Anlo land and Anlo Kingdom is back and complete.

Oral literature has it that not every Stool among the Anlos has a Queen. That is what even makes it more prestigious to be one. And be given the opportunity to work hand in hand with the Chiefs. And not be shoved aside by some few elements who view collective development and roles as a threat to their selfish gains.

The days of women belonging to the kitchen are over. And now all women, especially our Queens who have the potentials and wherewithal needed to be given the opportunity to play their roles. And help build better society for our young ladies and gentlemen who now largely know that men are no more the only pacesetters.

Mostly among the Anlos, the Queen is not the wife of the Chief or King. It is a unique role that rituals and rites are performed for them to be installed on their symbol of authority, “Baxee”. And during the installation of HRM Mamaga Abui Buiekpor II, all the necessary rituals and rites were performed and she is the undisputed Mamaga of the Anlo Kingdom.

Charles Atsyatsya

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