Nigerian housemate Lillian Afegbai was evicted from the Big Brother Africa Hotshots house last sunday, here?s a message for you all?

?I want to say thank you to all my fans that voted for me and those who didn?t, I love you guys so much and also thanks to my haters without you I wouldn?t be where I am today . If people don?t hate you then there?s a problem lol, I am me as much as some of you hate me twerking, it makes me happy if u in that house you just have to channel your energy to something positive or else you will loose it.Guys enough of being judgemental it?s just a game but at the same time not easy for anyone.

?You judge from outside but I promise u is not easy when you inside peeps and for those who think twerking is my life lmao Am a good actress and a commercial model who is very ambitious I never sell myself short and am going to start my talk show soonest and hope to help upcoming talents get closer to their dreams.I love you all so much, my haters I love you more cause you guys tell me things about myself I Don?t know and that cracks me up.?


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