BBNaija: Marvis Will Be Evicted as Tboss gains Celebrity Support

Big Brother Naija
Big Brother Naija

Ify Thomas aka ‘Ify Banking’ has made another audacious prediction about what will happen in the Big Brother Niaja reality show this weekend even as the show gets hotter and the suspense taken to another level.

Big Brother Naija
Big Brother Naija
According to her, in an interview with our reporter she claims that despite the obvious alliance between the group of four comprising Efe, Bisola, Bally and Marvis against the group of two including just Derby Rise and Tboss, she insists that Marvis would not survive the cut this week as she is the most likely to leave the house.

She said, “this week’s eviction is going to be very tight, actually there are four of them but as we know Derby Rise and Tboss have been up for eviction more than three to four times. Remember that this week alone Tboss has gained more celebrity fans even though she is always saved by whiskers but she has gained more celebrity fans like Uti, Dilich a former winner, Maria a contestant, Beverly, even Noble Igwe an ambassador of the Big Brother Niaja major sponsors Pay Porte, all supporting Tboss this week alone.” So I believe she must have really gained this support enough to keep her in the house this weekend. As for Derby Rise, she has always been scaling through week in week out even as her voters keep voting for her in silence without making much hue about it every week.”

She further claimed that as for Bally who came tops last week but since he is up this time against one of his friends and ally Marvis they may both share the votes from their friends fans which may cause one of them to be evicted from the house this weekend.

“I have some concern about Marvis because Efe and Bisola’s fans may not really know how to share their votes and all that, so my prediction is that since Tboss has gained a lot of celebrity fans as she is currently the most talked about house mate right now she may survive the cut as Marvis will have to leave the house if Big Brother will be sending home just one person, but if it is going to be two housemates to leave I think Tboss will sadly have to be the second person.”

We will recall that Big Brother announced this Sunday that all the housemates will have a chance to save one out of the four nominated housemates who are up for eviction this week and he gave them a brief of how it was going to happen. He gave them about 5 different tasks to do which carries 10 points each totalling 50 points. So if they are able to get 50/50 they will get a spar treatment each, a favourite meal of their choice, they will get a message from home and most importantly also have e the chance to save a contestant. If they are unable to get 50/50 but end up getting 43/50 then they would only be able to save one contestant and get their favourite meal, but would not get a spar treatment. And also if they get 38/50 they would only get a favourite meal and message from home. But unfortunately they were only able to secure 33/50 because we all know the house is divided into 2 camps as I have stated earlier which include Bisola, Efe, Bally and Marvis on one side and Derby Rise and Tboss on the other side. The group of two sat down and agreed to sabotage some of the tasks so that they don’t get up to 43 points enough to make them save one of the housemates, because the odds are obviously not in their favour as the four will vote to save one of theirs. So Derby Rise and Tboss purposely refused to put in extra efforts to earn the housemates more points to reach the threshold of 43 points. Tboss and Debby Rise’s fans are very happy about this and are really looking forward to a show down this weekend as they hope their votes will be enough to save their favourite housemates who played the game well to avoid the group of four from saving one of their own and this got them angry. Let’s see how the show turns out this weekend as the intrigues never stops.

By, Uchechukwu Ugboaja

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