Be steadfast – Pastor urges Christians


Pastor Jacob Redicup, founder and leader of My Father’s House Church at the weekend appealed to Christians to be steadfast because the world was currently battling the anti-Christ spirit, the beast, the false prophet, and the dragon.

He said it was because of this, that the world was going through a lot of tribulations including famine, wars, and covid-19.

Pastor Redicup made the appeal in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Adaklu Helekpe.
He noted that many people were afraid to take the covid-19 vaccine because they thought it was the biblical anti-Christ’s mark of 666.

He said many more events would be unfolding soon adding “are we ready for what is coming?”
He said the world was also entering the time of the great harvest, the latter rain which he said was the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

He reminded Christians to live above reproach adding that the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ was near.

Pastor Redicup hinted that his church’s annual conference would come on at Adaklu Helekpe in the Adaklu district on Friday, 24th, and Saturday, 25th September 2021.
He said it was on the theme “kingdom, power and glory.”

The Pastor noted that participants at the conference would be equipped to find an antidote to the myriads of problems facing Christendom.

Speakers at the conference include Pastor Dr. Gustavo Cadena, Pastor Ebenezer Baba Yidana, and Pastor Jolie Carr.

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