Beautiful Angelina Jolie out and about after double mastectomy


wpid-Angelina-Jolie.jpgAngelina Jolie yesterday made her first public appearance since her double mastectomy. She paid tribute to her ?wonderful? fianc? Brad Pitt.

The Tomb Raider star, said in London: ?he?s been extraordinary. He?s such a wonderful man and a wonderful father. I?m very lucky.?

Angelina, 37 stunning in a black floor-length gown was supporting Brad at the premiere of zombie movie World War Z in Leicester Square.

She revealed last month how she had both breasts removed to reduce her chances of dying of cancer like her mum.

Angelina however said on the red carpet yesterday: ?I?ve been very happy just to see the discussion about women?s health expanded ? that means the world to me.

?After losing my mum to these issues I?m very grateful for it and I?ve been very moved by the kind support from people.?

Brad 49 at the opening of his latest zombie film held at the Empire Leicester Square?was close to tears as he spoke of his lover?s ?heroism?.

He said: ?I?m very proud and I?m just relieved that?s not going to be the thing that takes her out.

“The biggest fear as a father is keeping the family alive, safe and together she did that. I?m getting a bit teary-eyed thinking about it.?

Brad further said the couple felt it was important to speak publicly to help others.

He added: ?It is heroic. She realises this is not available for everyone and it should be.

“As the other half, when you?re sitting and waiting it?s emotional. But I got the easy part.?

Jolie says she has been very moved by the kind support from people.?Angelina lost mum Marcheline Bertrand, 56, to ovarian cancer in 2007.

She opted for her double mastectomy after doctors told her she carried the ?faulty? BRCA1 gene, with an 87 per cent chance of contracting breast cancer plus a 50 per cent risk of ovarian cancer.

Angelina said after the surgery: ?My chances of breast cancer have dropped to under five per cent. I can tell my children they don?t need to fear they?ll lose me to breast cancer.?


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