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Being a female musician/actor is tough in Ghana

bossu kule
Bossu Kule

Just being a Ghanaian or living in Ghana is one of the toughest things we face each and every day.

For the average Ghanaian, almost everything is not as easy as it should have been for us. Just last week, our leaders (those in government) passed a law which states that, from August,?there will be fees for TV License and failure to do that can lead you to jail. Yes you heard me right, jail.

This and many other ‘laws’ guiding our land which makes the country one hell of a nation for us.

Aside all these rules set by our leaders, the country is suffering from?other infections including Dumsor, which has now affected every citizen down here.? In a country where you enjoy 12 hours of electricity power and 24 to 36 hours of darkness, you must be thinking life down here is embarrassing. Really? Be a lady who dreams of entertaining the citizens and see how tough it is for you to live in Ghana.

Ghana, regardless of our economic crisis has been blessed with beautiful, sexy, talented and sweet ladies who have made it their aim to entertain us. The kind of fun our ladies bring to us can drive away the ordeal, stress and frustrations we face day in and day out.

However, taking a critical look at the rate at which some of these ladies find it difficult to make it in life due to their tag as entertainers, Ghana is indeed a tougher country for them. You dont think so?

Okay currently in Ghana, we have Tiffany, Eazzy, Efya Noella Wiyaala, Sista Afia, Rashelle Blue, MzVee, Kaakie, Eno, Irene Logan, Becca, MzBel and others elevating Ghana’s music industry.

female musicians

For the movie world, we have Yvonne Nelson, Jackie Appiah, Juliet Ibrahim, Kisa Gbekle, Benedicta Gafah, Yvonne Okoro, Nana Ama McBrown, Vivian Jill, Jasmine Baroudi, Vicky Zugah, Rose Mensah, Kafui Danku and more.

female actors

Below are some of my observations as a blogger who has been in the industry for years.

No guy wants to dedicate his platform without seeing your ‘firewall’

This is a tradition every lady in the field of showbiz has to follow. Being a lady who wants to get into showbiz means you are ready to service those who want to service you. They say, hand go, hand come; i give you what you want, you pay me back by allowing me access to your firewall. Only some few guys were and would been able to dedicate their services to ladies without asking back for their firewall

If you are not a smart lady enough, you will be servicing the wrong people who will just brag and waste your time and not just that, tarnish your image after you open freely.

Most ladies have been able to conquer firewall temptations due to their smart moves and successful connects, others opened to get what they want and now they are there but there are still those who have opened and still opening but we dont know them yet.

Guys are right for every immoral act, Ladies are not.

Yesterday, 10th July 2015, i was at a Movie Press Conference inside African Regent Hotel. This upcoming movie is titled Any Other Monday which was produced by Kafui Danku and directed by award winning movie director Pascal Amanfo.

At the press session, the permission to ask questions was given to us and one guy asked the director, Pascal Amanfo if Any Other Monday has a scene that projects immoral behaviors.

Pascal before answering him asked what an immoral behavior is and in a reply, the guy said, the act of exposing the +18 stuffs.

In showbiz, guys can take off their panties and we see it as a way of winning attention for himself. But a lady strips off to just her underwear and no guy takes her serious in life after she has become the ‘loose girl’ headline in town.

Forget marriage or serious relationships.

It is only just some few ladies in showbiz who are fortunate enough to have men who understand their work. Most of these guys with these ladies are in a way or the other in the entertainment world as well. For those who do not understand showbiz, either the lady or the guy will call for a divorce or breakup for certain reasons. Thing is, you as a lady can not mix your work as an entertainer with your love life. This means, its either you choose your work or me and the answer for this is always one; you choose your work over your man (because after all, you have started meeting more potent, handsome, rich and whatever guys than your long time boyfriend).

So your love life turns out to be any of these – business dating or jokers dating. You will miss the good old days with free night calls, long text messages and love-making from the one who loves you back because at this point in your life, he thinks you are not the one he loved some time back. Sorry ladies….

You are under a management? Then your manager is chopping you down

If you are getting there after your efforts and a good-Samaritan-label comes to make your project a successful one, then we start accusing the two of you as F.W.B, (if your manager happens to be a man).

A lot of these managers have been accused of this. Some ended up to be true whiles others proved theirs to be false accusations.

The story gets worse when he starts taking you out for shopping sprees. Ei, my dear girl friend, you are doomed in the writings of reporters.

These are just some few observations. You can comment under some of the experiences ladies face in showbiz which i didnt state above..

Source – Bossu Kule, GhJoy.Net

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