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Being Hornier On The Period Is Perfectly Natural


Thought you were the only one who felt way more DTF on your period than at any other ~drier~ time?

We’re all trained from earliest puberty that blood, bloating and cramps are designed to keep us sofa-ridden, chocolate-dependent frumps without any sexual desire…but actually there’s a load of us who feel hornier than ever when our flows are in full force – just look at NetDoctor.

We asked a couple of women whether this rang true in their cases.

Laura*, 25, told Metro.co.uk: ‘When I’m due on, my vagina actually aches like it’s hungry for d*ck. Once I’m on, it gets super swollen and if anything goes near it I pretty much have an orgasm.’

Nikki, 27, feels the same. ‘I’m always horny when I’m on my period. Maybe when there’s less chance of me getting pregnant my body trusts me more?’

And do they let the time of the month stop them?

‘No, I’m so over women being made to hate yet another perfectly natural thing. I think guys should embrace it – everyone I’ve ever been with has’, says Nikki.

‘Yeah’, agrees Laura, ‘if anything, some guys have got excited about it…which is disturbing’.

But why do we feel like this?

According to Ask Alice, some women feel increased sexual energy during their period because ‘there is more pelvic congestion (increased blood flow) during a woman’s periods…which may trigger or translate to arousal’.

The site also goes to suggest that ‘additional lubrication’ might also be a contributory factor.

Dr Narendra Pisal of London Gynecology blames those pesky hormones.

‘It’s probably down to how the hormones work and particularly for women who suffer from PMS, it’s almost a sense of relief when their periods come, so I think there’s an element of that.

‘There’s no definite reason but a combination of the fact the women might feel like they can’t get pregnant when they’re on their period (although of course they can), and the fact that period sex has been considered taboo in the past, might also be contributory factors.’

But there might be a more concrete answer for those who are on the pill.

‘Women who are on the pill can find that their libido has been affected – so when they have their free weeks and they bleed, they’re more likely to have a higher sex drive due to the change in their estrogen levels’, says Dr Pisal.

TL;DR it’s normal to be bloody horny. Crack on.

Source: Metro.co.uk

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