Ben Affleck Refuses After Friends Urge Him To Go To Inpatient Rehab

Getty Images

Ben Affleck dutifully attended outpatient addiction treatment since early October. But In Touch magazine has learned that his loved ones haven’t seen much improvement — and he is refusing to go to an inpatient rehab.

Even though Ben, 45, completed his second rehab stint in March, those close to him believe his addiction issues are “worse than ever,” sources tell In Touch.

As In Touch previously reported, those close to Ben are urging him to do more than visit an outpatient center a few times a week. They’re begging him to go back to an inpatient rehab — and to stay for longer than he ever has before, says a friend. “They want him to get serious treatment.”

He knows his loved ones “are taking this very seriously,” says another insider close to him. “He’s trying to figure out what treatment works for him.”

Those close to him are hoping he’ll realize an inpatient program would be the best option “to get the help he needs,” the friend tells In Touch. “Until then, he will never be able to live a sober life.”



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