“I believe each one of us, in their own individual capacity, will be a messenger of peace, for the triumph of democracy,” he declared when he spoke during the opening of this year’s second ordinary parliamentary session in the capital, Porto Novo.


Houngbedji deplored the ongoing early electoral campaigns for next year’s presidential elections.

“The current parliamentary session is opening at a very sensitive moment in the country, characterised by early and unprecedented electoral campaigns, with over four months before the elections,” he regretted.

The speaker of parliament said on Feb. 28, 2016, Beninese people will be expected to cast their ballots to elect the country’s new president, in a transparent process.

“This event which our people have become accustomed to, is facing a major test. For it to succeed, it will require the efforts of all of us. Its success will reinforce our position as a leader in democracy in the region,” Houngbedji concluded. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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