Bet Expert Speaks On Brazilian Butt Lift


It is common that as soon as the year comes to an end, bets on what will be in fashion for the next year begin to emerge. This is how the doctor Roberto Chacur also sees the cosmetic procedures trends. In recent times, this section has undergone several changes and have become popular with the help of social media.

One of the procedures that recently became a topic was the removal of the breast implant. Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Pamela Anderson have undergone with it, as have many other people for a variety of reasons, such as complications caused by the implants, or the desire to downsize the implants. And like that we have an increasing pursuit for a more natural body.

Big bottoms are losing ground to smaller booty, more proportionate in the same way as breast implants. “We are increasingly seeing the demand for butt harmonization, but with reservations. The requests are for smaller glutes, toned, without cellulite and proportional to the person’s body,” says Roberto Chacur, expert in Brazilian Butt Lift and creator of the GoldIncision method for cellulite elimination.

“Like the Kardashians. It is noticeable that Kim, for example, has a smaller bum now. And smaller breasts. Having voluptuous bodies was a thing 5, 7 years ago. But now we have this search for slim and harmonic body.” says the doctor.

Chacur believes that after a period of probing for a big butt, now it’s time for a more natural look. “The ‘trend’ for 2023 will definitely be a butt not so big, but harmonic, that has a size proportional to the body and without cellulite, because eliminating those unwanted stretchmarks never goes out of grace in the minds of the women.”

Although it is important to understand and accept your beauty and let go of aesthetic impositions, you can – and should – seek ways to feel good. “Currently, there are procedures that, although they mess with the body, can be allies in this acceptance.” says Dr. Roberto Chacur “The advanced treatment method for cellulite, in addition to improving the appearance of the skin without affecting the physical structure, promotes health benefits” continues the cellulite treatment specialist.

This technology allows, in addition to helping with the appearance and quality of the skin, GoldIncision treats complications, such as infectious cellulite, which can cause pain and discomfort.

The treatment consists of detaching the fibrous septa and filling, which combines the use of collagen bio stimulators capable of minimizing the ripples caused by cellulite. “The method is definitive and not only visually treats the appearance of the skin, but also the causes, such as difficulty in circulation, sagging and localized fat”, explains the surgeon regarding the method.

The freedom to look in the mirror and feel good should allow women to seek betterment for themselves. Loving yourself involves caring and it is essential to understand that your own well-being is much more important than an affirmation of acceptance.

“You don’t have to stop being body positive to be vain and take care of yourself. Quite the contrary: loving and accepting your behavior allows you to look for ways to do it well. The procedure is done in the office, takes about an hour and a half and the patient can return to the routine on the same day, taking only a few precautions for recovery. It is performed under local anesthesia, without the need for sedation, without cutting and leaving no scars”, concludes Charcur

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