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Sir,once more I bring you greetings from my heart ,it is not easy to Govern a state like Anambra ,it is not a Tea party,imagine obodo bu so ndi ama ife and Mega Rich men ,it makes everybody Eze onyeagwanam but the other truth is that my old man in his wisdom will tell my mum ?if the kitchen is too hot for you get out from there? .
Then my uncle will tell us ?Nnunu is akaro aka adiro eje ogu oturukpokpo? [A bird with fragile skull does not engage a WOODPECKER in a beak fight].Myself will smile and remind us that ,beware of praise singers when you are ATOP the food chain , for they are mostly hungry set that are after stomach infrastructure .

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The truth is that in any other state, your government will be celebrated and all will be chatting WILLIE IS WORKING,WILLIE IS god AND WILLIE IS WILLING but this is ANAMBRA STATE ,the worst is that the state passed through my own Idenna Dr Chris Ngige,despite his dimunitive size he was able to wrestle the UGA MAFIANS to the ground ,nye fa aja na onu and as they were about to get up to see if they can salvage the battered ego ,the most unfortunate thing happened to them . The state got ADA OBI,AKA ARADITE,ERI ERI call him anything you like but the Man is a grand gift ,a man FAR AHEAD of his generation .The man in question is a man with Midas touch and he hate to set a standard and personally I hate that ,HE BUILD A STANDARD ,sorry I mean he BUILD STANDARDS and for anybody trying to meet his standard ,the person will choose which of the Standard you want to meet ? ,just choose one and struggle to meet it and do not dream of beating it ,that will be utopian dream. Little wonder PDP wear a thin smile for that bloodless coup and the Presidency are now more confident than before ,because they,ve stolen the Jewel of the Nile .

So personally I understand the herculean task ahead and the gap we expect you to fill ,the Shoe size left vacant is size 50 and that makes it very very difficult to fill it with any foot that is 36 ,but I digress.
Sir,Let me tell you in all honesty ,when I heard that your Government hired 20 more INTERNET RATS last week ,bought them IPAD ,I PHONES and paid them well to go to internet and over take the place ,I smiled ,I did not laugh because the same mistake if continued cannot bring different result.

This boys are doing more harm than good, imagine somebody bringing an evidence today saying that MARY was not a Virgin when he bore Christ,that Jesus was a drunkard ,that Jesus was married ,we all know that people will be looking at the person as onye ara pugoro afia [Mad person that has gone to Orie Ogbunike ] .Instead of this bunch of unbranded ikwurigbas to be polluting the little space where your Government can breath easier ,they got busy making more enemies .What they should do is to start showcasing the works you have done or doing .Like I saw some of the bad spots in the state that has been patched up real good but this Chewing gum boys did not even know about it talkless of reporting same .Infact HIRE ME TO TRAIN them [Chei Odera is asking for contract ,so let,s get his head on platter]. They need to be tutored on how to play in a bigger league.

The worst is your SSA,S who wore numerous Mask and invade facebook and Forum ,they are petit to say the least ,I have resolved not to play with kids again if not that PARTICULAR ONE whose Nne ya tutaru imeya through proxy and they exported her to go and meet the Husband oversea ,so that the man will bed her and will assume that he fathered the unborn child ,that boy is trying very hard to make me focus more on him and truly it will do him no good ,advise him to mind his present new position .I do not know why he is bent on taking over the job of your MEDIA SA ,maybe because he wants everybody to think that he is a true son of Aguleri ,yes he lives in Aguleri and bears Aguleri as his town but we know that the father is from KOGI and with precise details ,so I will love him to continue with his new job even though you created another office whose duties are same with his own . He know what I am talking about and I do not make threats but deliver promises ,if he wants to dance ,then I will beat the drum so hard for us to dance .

KICK OFF ? I noticed something twice around your Government and as long as I put in a greater part of my passion and zeal to make sure that you won and became the Governor ,I will not shut up and sulk as others are doing and expect you crash and burn ,so that we will all jump up and say ?ekwurum ekwu na Peter Obi did a mistake by bringing in Obiano? ,what I will do is what I have been doing ,showing you the land mines all around you and as my Old man will say ?Odera take that Horse to the Sea but do not force her to drink,it is her choice if she wants to drink or not?.

I noticed that even your security are shrouded around your chief Protocol officer , I noticed that he is the one that controls your Movement ,your attending Events ,you coming down from Vehicle and those that will see you and those that will not. Concentrating such giant powers in the hand of one man will mar you and not make you.
Sir, I have no beef with anybody in your Government but I stand on posterity to do my best and render advise even though na obu oru adiro akwu ugwo ,but I no that if my state is good ,then I am paid in full.

The duties of protocols are designed to start from arranging places of your visit,meetings but that will be after the CHIEF SECURITY,CHIEF DETAILS must have vetted them ,used Security apparatus and consider such places NON SECURITY RISK ,they will approve it ,then the duties will boil down protocols. Also it is your chief security officer that overseas your general security but the Chief Detail is in complete control of the security details around you ,they decide when you abort a mission or when to proceed but from what I observed ,those duties were handed to Chief Protocol or he is usurping those functions. We should also know that your ADC is suppose to be the one that clears people for your meetings ,so I advise as a good subject try and balance the duties and let each office do what designation that is suppose to be on shoulder of that office. Usurpation of functions breeds bitterness and dis-royalty.

Less I forget ,I saw last week where your BUY 1 GET 5 MEDIA Toys were pissing in all directions on who is akuko si anambra ,initially they said it was me ,then they said it must be Victor Eneh and last week they said with a final conclusion that it is MR VAL OBIENYEM and I was surprise that you did not line them up and use Koboko and offer them deliverance ?…Even an acute idiot without brain knows that whosoever is that must be an insider ,infact in your kitchen cabinet because the information he or she brings are exclusive and can only be privy to kitchen cabinet members . Personally I believe two things about him ,either he is somebody very aggrieved or somebody whose duties are usurped or somebody who wants you to sack JAMES and replace him with the parrot. This is an inside job , I am not against it, but I have tried to narrow the person down ,corner the person just for my own selfish purpose ,which must include shaking the person hand and then landing that person a good slap ,yes a good slap for always taking away the shine off me ,the reports makes my Report Card seems like second base.

My Excellency Sir, I am sad that people are simply taking you to cleaners ,maybe it is time to do a serious over haul .Do you know that all the MOU you,ve singed with more than 400 people in less than 8 months, not even one has taking effect ? ,the worst is that many of them when you ask them ,they do not know the site where to start or site the project which they signed MOU for,so I wonder how can they sign MOU and without articulate plans of execution ?
Sir,do you also noticed that all the committees formed and put in charge of one function or another ,that none of their findings has been acted upon ?
The one that vexed me badly is that one set up to make AWKA DUBAI of Nigeria ,they wasted so much money junketing between Nigeria and Dubai and since they submitted the proposals ,they stand dissolved and many more committees are founded to waste our scarce fund and bring in another report that can never be implemented.This also brings to my mind my old man once again ,he would,ve shouted ?Obu nwa bu ejero ije ,obu nke abua ga agba oso? [if the first born did not walk ,is it the second one that will run race ?]

My Vex mostly is that one we call CARDINAL DEVELOPERS ,they bought 2 out of the 3 Hotels Peter Obi started for the state ,the angry part is that since those hotels were dashed to them ,yes I used the right word because they did not pay the state one single kobo ,instead the money we spent on it were plotted to be part of the state shares or investment on the Hotels ,I am not comfortable with that arrangement ,that kind of sales should not come in 21st century but it has happened anyway ,the dilemma is that those people that received it are yet to put one BAG of IBETO cement or even Dangote cement on site after how many months ?.

Sir,if you ask me I will suggest you fire them like yesterday and make the biddings open because I heard that you said ?the reason we sold the Hotels is because we do not have money to complete it? ,if that remains the case ,Ndi Anambra traders I know that will buy the Hotels and pay cash not draft or cheque are in line, so why bring in ndi na agba oso afia na America ,give them our Hotels and they will run back to Usa to see if they can scratch up some pennies to come and tie down the project , meaning in the next 5 years those projects will still be moribund . Sale it to ndi Anambra or throw it open and see Men with too much cash buy the hotels and within one year ife emebe na the place.

Sir the house of ASSEMBLY are taking this stuff to another level ,how can they approve your budget without asking Ministries to come and defend proposals ? ,,cheiiiiiiiiiiii odizi petit to say the least,they should,ve call them, do it ojombo ojombo and take some days as if they are discussing and defending and later whammmmmmmm they will say they are satisfied but this one they did not call , not even one person to discuss the budget and yet they approved it ? and you think it is a plus ?
Sir ,they laid a land mine for you with that ,I do not know how but I am sure they will use it against you in future as IMPEACHABLE OFFENCE .Please Sir ,those guys are mean and they do not like you ,they like what they can get from you and if you keep giving them ,the more they want.
I will still suggest one thing and one thing alone ,,,PICK UP YOUR PHONE do not send somebody ,do not send TEXT ,just pick up your Phone and call your man ,the ONOWU that made you EZE and fix a date with him where only you and him will be available ,no protocols or aides,,,that man is the only person that can stand beside you without asking for anything or taking anything and when he stands by your side ,I bet you that 70% of your friends now will run like Fox and in a year time ,you do not need the press to defend you ,your deeds will project you and with that I am out of here but not without asking ,aga agba kwolu anyi Christmas ?



Mazi Odera

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