Biafra Crisis: Yoruba land welcomes displaced Hausa, Igbo and Other Tribes

Biafra Crisis

Resolution of the National Consultative Meeting of Oodua Republic Front

Mapo – Hall Ibadan Wednesday 13th September 2017.

· We have followed the activities of one Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB, whilst we respect the right of all Nationalities in Nigeria to self-determination, we condemn in strongest terms the attacks on Nigerians of Yoruba ancestry and other Nationalities by Mr Kanu and his ethnic supremacist’s agenda in documented broadcast by Mr Kanu.

· We are disappointed that political office holders have refused to heed our advice and request for a Sovereign National Conference. In 2003 we peacefully requested the then President Olusegun Obasanjo to put a motion in place for a convocation of a Sovereign National Conference, the then President responded by arresting our leaders and hounding others on exile. President Obasanjo supported by many of today’s new convert to restructuring condemned our peaceful agitation and ignored our appeal for justice, equity and fairness.

· We note the silence of political leaders and traditional rulers in South East Nigeria regarding the repeated threat of war, provocation and hate speech professed by Mr Kanu. Mr Kanu seems to have support from those who turn a blind eye to his message of hate disguised as a campaign for Biafra. We are reassured by lone voices in South East Nigeria who refuse to condone Kanu’s call for war. For long Kanu has adopted hate and bigotry as a means of mobilisation and provocation. We do not need to repeat some of his dangerous rhetoric’s that is capable of stoking ethnic conflict in Nigeria.

· We are not opposed to the demand for Biafra by Mr Kanu and his IPOB we, however, want to reiterate that he cannot impose conditions his will on the rest of Nigeria.

· We recognise the authority of the President and Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Mohamed Buhari to protect Nigerians, we, however, urge restraint in the mobilisation of troops to South East Nigeria and if such is absolutely necessary demand that Nigerian Armed Forces must operate within internationally recognised regulations.

· We note the video on social media showing suspected IPOB militant groups armed with dangerous weapons searching for Nigerians of Hausa-Fulani ancestry and burning properties.

· We want to reassure none Yoruba living in Yoruba land of their safety and welcome to Yoruba land Nigerians who may feel unsafe in South East Nigeria, we also note the ultimatum issued by the Arewa Youth, we welcome the decision of the Arewa Youth to withdraw the ultimatum, we will however welcome any Nigerian in the North who may want to relocate to South West Nigeria, the autonomous Yoruba nation we seek will be home to all of the humanity, whilst we are proud of our tradition and culture, we seek the common humanity and solidarity of all who chose Yoruba land as home.

· We call on all Yoruba to remember Alajobi in this critical time in Nigeria, Yoruba must protect all those who settle within our region, whilst we defend our land, all who chose to live in the land of our forefathers should be accorded all the full rights and privileges in Yoruba land.

· We reiterate our demand that the National Assembly and elected officials should take heed to our long-held view that an amendment to the Nigerian constitution is required to review the National Question and the convocation of a Sovereign National Conference and a referendum on the Structure of the Nigerian State.

· We call on all Oodua self-determination group to unite, all matters relating to the future of our race should be subjected to the democratic principle and mandate of our people.

· We note the Ibadan declaration by some Yoruba leaders, whilst noting the resolution of the recent meeting in Ibadan, we wish to state that any resolution regarding Yoruba must seek the consent of all of Yoruba in a regional organised referendum.

· Yoruba will not have the will of a section of its society imposed on all of Yoruba.

· Restructuring of Nigeria has been a demand of the Yoruba for decades, we, however, chose peaceful means, engagement and enlightenment of those who oppose restricting, we believe it can be achieved without needless bloodshed.

Ile Ileri Dan dan ni!

Alagba Jubril Ogundinmu

For National Coordinating Council.

Phone +234 818 458 6509


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