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Despite the blatant violations of international law by Tel Aviv, the White House reinforces the efforts to obliterate the Palestinian people in Gaza

Geostrategic Analysis

Secretary of State Antony Blinken landed in Tel Aviv on October 12 carrying out a mission to pledge unending military, economic and diplomatic support from Washington.

Since October 7, when Palestinians launched a widespread offensive against the settler-colonial regime in Israel, the administration of United States President Joe Biden has been scrambling to minimize the impact of the obvious colossal intelligence failure by the Israeli government and its heavily funded security apparatus.

The developments in Occupied Palestine are indeed a major attack on U.S. foreign policy in West Asia. Billions of U.S. dollars are spent annually to shore up the oppressive system against the Palestinians and other peoples throughout the region.

Biden in his statements since October 7 has attempted to convince the people that no U.S. political path exists other than providing unconditional support to the State of Israel. However, if a full-scale regional war erupts in Palestine and neighboring states, he will be faced with yet another proxy conflict which cannot be won by imperialism.

During the period after the commencement of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine, the Biden regime set out to destroy the national economy of the Russian Federation. Not only has the Russian economy maintained its vigor, Moscow, as an important world center, has enhanced development efforts with countries and geo-political regions throughout the world.

Following the lead of Washington, the European Union (EU) announced that they would suspend all economic assistance to the Palestinian people. Such a decision was made absent of any consultation with the Arab and Muslim governments in West Asia and North Africa. The role of the U.S., Britain and the EU illustrates the racist instincts which favor the continued dominance of imperialism and Zionism over the Palestinian people.

Blinken in his press conferences delivered from Tel Aviv, expressed no sympathy or understanding of the Palestinian question. He repeatedly emphasized that Washington would stand behind the Zionist state forever.

Nonetheless, even inside the U.S. and Western Europe, there have been mass demonstrations and rallies held in defense of the Palestinians. These manifestations are occurring despite the fact that almost all television, radio, online and print media agencies based in the imperialist countries are heavily slanted towards the ideological viewpoints emanating from the State of Israel.

Creating Confusion over ISIS and the Axis of Resistance

The so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was engineered by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its western counterparts during the period of U.S. occupation in an effort to undermine the burgeoning alliance of an Axis of Resistance forces in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, speaking from the same platform as Blinken, that Hamas must be destroyed just like ISIS.

The reality is that the U.S. designed ISIS and the earlier al-Qaeda as operational mechanisms to perpetuate imperialist dominance across the Asian and African continents. A recent series of military coups which received popular adulation in three West African states, were prompted by false promises made by the French foreign services to eradicate the “terrorist” groups that are offshoots of al-Qaeda and ISIS based in the Sahel.

When the National Council for the Safeguard of the Homeland (CNSP) in Niger took control of the government on July 26, the leadership immediately denounced the presence of French troops inside the country. In neighboring Mali, the military-led government of Col. Assimi Goita, went as far as to accuse Paris of assisting the Islamic-styled armed rebels which have spread destabilization, displacement and death throughout the West African state and its neighbors.

In regard to Palestine, like any other oppressed people, the population has an inherent right to self-determination, independence and sovereignty. The politico-military successes over the last two decades in Lebanon, Yemen, Syria as well as Palestine, have nothing to do with the imperialist schemes which have resulted in the dislocation and destruction of well over 100 million people. In 2023, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) documented the largest number of displaced persons in recorded history.

As the resistance forces in West Asia become even more emboldened in their struggle against Zionism and imperialism, the U.S., Britain, EU and all of the states operating within the North Atlantic Treaty Organizing (NATO), will continue to pursue desperate policies that result in the institutionalization of human suffering. The reality is that the U.S. State Department has nothing positive to offer the peoples of West Asia and indeed the world.

Violations of International Human Rights Law in Palestine

Perhaps the most outrageous supposition being advanced by the Biden administration is to call upon the people of the U.S. and the world to ignore the gross human rights violations being carried out against the Palestinians under the guise of “fighting terrorism.” The president has told the people of the U.S. and the world that Washington is committed to even greater levels of state violence against the Palestinians and anyone else not willing to tow the line of world imperialism.

In an October 12 article written by Omar Karmi and published by Electronic Intifada, it says of the current situation in Gaza that:
“It is not just Gaza that is being leveled to the ground. As the world stands aside, preparing to applaud genocide, the entire structure of the so-called post-World War II rules-based order is being reduced to rubble. What else does it mean when the self-described guarantors of international law in the West – the U.S., U.K. and the European Union – have sanctioned what are patent war crimes? What else does it mean when the so-called international community is willing to set aside the rules of war, the rules of occupation and any and every human rights principle, in order to allow Israel to exact revenge? Make no mistake: what Israel is already doing – cutting off food, electricity, fuel and water to the entire population of Gaza, some 2.3 million people – is a war crime. What Israel is already doing – the indiscriminate bombing of residential neighborhoods and civilian infrastructure, from hospitals to schools and mosques – are war crimes. What Israel is threatening to do – killing ‘every Hamas member’ (what is Israel going to do, identify them by their membership cards?) and perhaps forcibly ejecting the population of Gaza to the Sinai Desert – are war crimes. Lurid headlines, meanwhile, like the ‘beheaded babies’ reports – based apparently on the word of a single soldier in the Israeli military – prepare public opinion for mass slaughter. And preparing public opinion for mass slaughter is exactly what Israel is doing and has been doing for a while.” (

The Biden White House, State Department and the Pentagon are serving as endorsers of these blatant violations of human rights which are genocidal in their political character. It is they who have continued the settler-colonial system in Palestine and its environs.

In another article written by Maureen Clare Murphy on the policy of blanket bombing of homes, schools, hospitals, public and private enterprise in Gaza, it reveals with statistics supplied from various sources noting:
“The United Nations said that there were nearly 340,000 internally displaced people in Gaza as of Wednesday (Oct. 11) evening, with around two-thirds of them sheltering at 92 schools and other facilities run by UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestine refugees. Two UNRWA schools being used as emergency shelters were among 18 of its educational facilities hit since Saturday (Oct. 7). Eleven UNRWA staff members – five teachers, a gynecologist, an engineer and a psychological counselor and three support staff – have been killed since Saturday, the agency said. Four paramedics with the Palestine Red Crescent Society were killed in the past 24 hours when an ambulance was targeted in northern Beit Hanoun. The World Health Organization has recorded 51 attacks resulting in 11 fatalities and 16 injuries among healthcare workers since Saturday…. Defense for Children International-Palestine said on Wednesday that it had confirmed that 105 Palestinian children in Gaza were killed ‘in direct Israeli attacks’ since Saturday. The rights group said that the ‘intensive Israeli bombardment’ throughout Gaza – as well as the lack of electricity and Israeli attacks on telecommunications infrastructure targeting two of the three main lines for mobile communication in the territory – have delayed its verification of the ‘unprecedented rate of daily child fatalities’ recorded by the health ministry.
Palestinian human rights groups said on Wednesday that there were ‘significant killings and injuries among the civilian population, with many still trapped beneath the rubble, beyond the reach of search and rescue teams.’” (

These statistics make a sound case for those with any inkling towards the observation of international human rights law to reject the U.S. government’s policies of genocide against the Palestinians. The people in the U.S. have no alternative than to proclaim their stance in defense of the Palestinians and the rejection of settler-colonialism, Zionism and imperialism.

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