Big Sean claims he doesn?t care about his ex, Naya Rivera, yet he composes a whole record dedicated to her. Hmm interesting.

The 26-year-old rapper today released four brand new tracks to his fans, among them was a diss track titled I Don?t F*ck With You to ex girlfriend Naya Rivera. ?On the diss track, the obviously bitter rapper claims he is happy to move on from his ex girlfriend.

He spits:

?I heard you got a new man.
I see you takin a pic.
Then you post it up
Thinkin that it?s makin me sick.
Blup, blurp.
I see you callin
I be making it quick.
Imma answer that sh-t like ?I don?t f-ck with you.?
And every day I wake up I celebrate.
Why? Cuz I just dodged a bullet from a crazy b-tch.
I stuck to my guns.
That?s what made me rich.
? I swear I hear some new bullsh-t every day I?m waking up.
It seem like nowadays everybody breaking up.
That sh-t can break you down.
If you lose a good girl,
I guess you need a bad b-tch to come around and make it up?

Dope song here, but I just don?t get it. Both Big Sean and Naya Rivera have moved on. The latter just got married while Big Sean is also dating R&B vocalist Ariana Grande. So why the need to record this track if you don?t care about you don?t care?? It?s pretty obvious he still cares.

IDFWU was produced by DJ Mustard and Kanye West. Take a listen below?


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