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Binduri Constituency NDC leadership urged to call detractors to order


The leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Binduri Constituency in the Upper East Region, has been urged to call detractors of the party to order.

This follows an in-fighting among a section of party members and former Member of Parliament for the Constituency, Hon. Dr. Robert Kuganab Lem.

Concerned NDC member in the Constituency, Awinbugri Ateawin Musah urged the party leadership to put it’s feet down in order to recapture the parliamentary seat from the New Patriotic Party in the 2024 election.

Find below the write up by Awinbugri Ateawin Musah below;


My attention has been drawn to a write up by one Abubakar Malik Atampuri captioned “A detailed analysis of why Dr Robert Kuganab Lem lost the Binduri seat to the NPP Parliamentary Candidate”.

In the said write-up, the writer out of ignorance quoted a scripture from the Bible to back his write-up.
The writer should know that the situation that called for Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata to quote that scripture has no relation with the cynicism and greedy write ups he is been paid to do.

No wonder the Bible made it clear in Hosea 4:6a that ” My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being a priest for me”. ( NKJV ).

It is high time the leadership of the party in Binduri constituency to rise up and defend the good work of the committee by calling those people who are seeking to destroy the party to order.

They should know that the party is never in the hands of one person or persons and that without such persons the seat will continue to be in the hands of the NPP.

If the leadership of the party in the constituency fails to defend the pronouncement of the committee just because it has gone against Mr A or B, knowing very well that it was the laws of the party put into use then, we have them to blame.

Such people should not be given the chance to break our party into pieces because of the interest of one person.

Was Hon. Simon Aruk Azimbe the only person who contested with Hon. Dr Robert Kuganab Lem?

Was he the only candidate who lost primaries in the whole country?

Is he our Saviour?
He would not have betrayed his party again!

Why do we allow one person’s interest to rule the minds of thousands of people?

No one seeks to discredit his efforts towards the betterment of the party but then he should not also use that to destroy the already established love of the people for the party.

The writer should know that the committee that suspended Hon. Simon Aruk Azimbe equally has the party at heart more than the pretends he is doing.

The leadership of the party should not remain mute and allow some selfish individuals to continuously create disunity in the party for their parochial interest.

The party is bigger than anyone who sees himself or herself to be a final decision-maker in the constituency.

We saw candidates who lose primaries in 2019 and yet supported the winner in the 2020 elections so why can’t that happen in Binduri?

Truth be told, it was the handy works of Hon. Simon Aruk Azimbe and some individuals that made NDC lose the seat to the NPP Parliamentary Candidate and he continue to fuel it by hiding behind some innocent youth to create disunity in the party again.

Yes! I have said that.

He was the brain behind the snatching of the seat and should not in anyway try to pay people to put blames on anyone for his suspension.

Proverbs 29:6-8 ” Evil people will fall in their pits while honest people are happy and free. A good person knows the rights of the poor, but a wicked person cannot understand such thing.
A person with no regards for others can throw a whole city into turmoil. Those who are wise keep things calm”.

The Bible is so telling and clear.

Hon. Simon Aruk Azimbe never regarded the rights of the delegates to vote for a candidate of their choice and hence sought to throw the constituency into turmoil which he succeeded.

Any man can hide behind anything on earth to accomplish his evil intention but he will surely fall into his pit.

It was very clear that Hon. Simon Aruk Azimbe had no good intention for the party in the 2020 elections but he hid behind scenes to accomplish that, thinking that he is the wisest man.

Because he has no regards for people in the constituency as well as the delegates, as the Bible rightly says, he succeeded in throwing the whole constituency into a turmoil by helping to subject the constituents and Ghanaians as a whole in the hands of the clueless NPP Member of Parliament.

He did that because of greed and parochial interest and not the interest of the party.

For Hon. Simon Aruk Azimbe, he should know that he has fallen in the pit that he dug in the 2020 elections and stop hiding behind innocent youths to create more disunity in the party.

The party still need him more than he could think so he should stop creating more mess.

To those who think that without Hon. Simon Aruk Azimbe NDC cannot win the seat in 2024 elections, are they saying if he is reinstated today, he can win the seat without the help of Dr Robert Kuganab Lem and his thousands of supporters?

That is so funny!

We cannot continue to discredit the work of our party leaders because of the interest of one person.

If the outcome of the said committee had vindicated Hon. Simon Aruk Azimbe, I guess he himself and his supporters would have praised the committee and hail them high of their good works.

He should do the same now to show his loyalty and patriotism to the party.

You cannot hide behind innocent people to sell the seat out to NPP and come back to tell us that you are a loyal member.
Who does that?

“When the law does not favour us it is a bad law but when it favours us despite our evil doings, it is a good law”- Unknown.

Hon. Simon Aruk Azimbe should know that every step and strategy that he used and is still using to create disunity in the party will be kept in the archives of the party in the constituency and will go against him in the nearest future unless otherwise, he has decided to stay away from politics and its related activities in Binduri. He should know that history has its ways of repeating itself.

The youth who are supporting him by saying that the seat will be given to NPP again in 2024 if he is not reinstated should know that Hon. Simon Aruk Azimbe is not above the law and that if they support evil today because it favours them, that evil will live to hunt them tomorrow.

If Hon. Simon Aruk Azimbe really have the party at heart and wish to lead the party one day then he should know that creating disunity in the party is never the best option for him.

Going forward, I want to thank our hardworking Constituency Chairman and his executives for the measures taken so far to reunite and reignite the spirit of the party in the constituency despite the continuous efforts of some people believed to be supporters of Hon. Simon Aruk Azimbe created more disunity in the party.

Your efforts towards unity in the party is seen and we are strongly behind you.

Despite the fractions created by some hypocrites who are seen to be party faithfuls but in the actual sense are self seeking persons, we will dedicate ourselves to the work of the party to ensure that the upcoming primaries is conducted devoid of sectionalism and camps ideologies.

Written by:Awinbugri Ateawin Musah,
Concerned constituent and Loyal NDC Member.
Contact:055 952 5378

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