Barcelona forward, Luis Suarez attempted to defend his actions at the world cup in his autobiography, part of which was published by Marca. The former Liverpool forward claimed is bites were harmless and only meant to scare people but he was treated like a criminal.

Suarez was handed a four month ban by FIFA following his highly publicized biting of Italian defender, Giorgio Chiellini at the world cup. That was the third time in five years the Uruguayan had bitten a player, following his bite on Bakkal in 2010 and his bite on Ivanovic in 2013.

Suarez claimed he was treated like a criminal and even compared his attempt to chew people?s skin to Mike Tyson?s bite on Holyfield. ?They treated me like a criminal, It was the third time something like that happened to me and I needed help, although I was an easy target. Biting scares a lot of people, but it?s relatively harmless, or at least it was in the incidents I was involved in. None of my bites were like Mike Tyson?s on Evander Holyfield, but nobody cares about that? he stated in his biography.

Following his ?70 million move to Barcelona from Liverpool, Suarez has served out his suspension and is currently allowed to play for Barcelona. He made his debut in their 3-1 loss to Real Madrid last month



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