Bless Your Money To Get More Money

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By Abundant Robert K. AWOLUGUTU

“When you send your money out, remember always to bless it. Ask it to bless everybody that it touches, and command it to go out and feed the hungry and clothe the naked, and command it to come back to you a million-fold Don’t pass over this lightly. I am serious.”-AL Koran

When I talk about blessing your money to get more money, it would appear strange to some people. How can blessing your money help you get more money, they ask?

First you need to understand the nature and character of money. Money is a form of energy like everything else. It is part of the fabric of the Universe. You and I are also part of the fabric of the Universe.

Human beings and money are subject to the Laws of the Universe. One such law is the Law of Attraction. It simply states, “Like attracts like.”

If you want to attract anything into your life, then your thoughts and every cell of your being must have vibrations that are in alignment with your desires such as the need to get more money.

 Most people have wrong beliefs about money. For example, money is evil, money is bad, I am undeserving of money, you can’t be religious having lots of money, money doesn’t grow on trees, I can never make money, I can’t be rich. These are negative thoughts about money. You are undermining your own efforts, unwittingly to get lots of money.

If you want to attract money into your life, then have positive thoughts and real good feelings about money. You need to have a good relationship with money so it can show up in your life.

Money is good. With money you can get the things that will make life good and exciting. You will feel happy being able to provide for your family and extending help to the needy. You can undertake charity services that will benefit others.

When you bless your money, you are expressing positive thoughts and feelings about your money; that you are going to use it for the good of all sentient beings. The Universe will work it out and deliver more money to you. Money will flow into your life from expected and unexpected sources.

When people pray to God they ask for blessings. Do you know why they do that? Blessings will increase what you already have and attract into your life the things that you don’t have. Practice blessing your money and everything you possess. This will trigger the flow of prosperity into your life.

Make it a habit to bless every pesewa that comes into your life. The money may come from your work or business or a gift from a loved one. Thank the one who has given you the money. Thank God for it. He is the source of everything good. When you express gratitude for what you have, you will receive more to express gratitude. 

Bless your money before putting it into circulation. Do it this way: Money is good. I love you as you love me. You are my friend. You are my companion. You come to me easily and effortlessly. Do good to everyone who receives you and when coming back to me, come in multiple folds. You can then use your money for your benefit and the benefit of others. Gratitude, love, respect, praise and showing appreciation to the energy and source of money will increase the flow of money to you.

Bless all your payments for either goods or services that have made life comfortable and enjoyable for you. Make payments with a cheerful heart. Bless all those who provided products or services that have helped you. Wish them the very best in everything they do.

Do not envy people for their money. Instead, praise their efforts and humbly ask the Universe for your own. Do work or render services for which you can be paid. Money will flow in your direction.

Blessing serves to increase something or make it better. Bless your money before you use it. Command it to benefit those who receive it. Command it to come back to you multiplied. This is a spiritual ritual to increase the flow of more money into your life. Use your money for your good and the good of others. 

Yours in inspiration,


ARK AWOLUGUTU, Your Guide & Mentor


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