Blogger OKTRANKING drops an Open Letter to SarkNation ahead of Jamz Album Release


The era of free downloads of songs from musicians should be a thing of the past and the new era of streaming songs should be embraced.

Musicians go through a lot putting their creative skills on melodies to entertain the masses, from booking studio session and live recording sessions for their energy and money to go down the drain by downloading their songs for free.

The act and culture of streaming songs should be a habit of every music lover if we want these musicians to continue entertaining us with their songs and to grow the music industry.

Booking studio session either live recording or not, is expensive and it behoves on us to stream their music for them to generate funds and reinvest in their music.

Every music industry needs to grow, and for it to grow, the value chain must work respectively to keep the growth of the industry including the music consumers.

Streaming artists’ songs help them to reinvest the into their craft and not only them but the composers, songwriters, producers, sound engineers and any other persons involved in the making of these records we listen to all the time.

Boomplay, Spotify, Apple Music, ITunes, Audiomack, Amazon, among others are all some of the streaming platforms.

It is important for music consumers to grow beyond downloading songs on free sites but rather stream songs of artistes.

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