BNI Picks Up 3 SA Nationals: Crass Propaganda Strategy By NDC Government

REJOINDER: “Terror alert: BNI picks up 3 SA nationals over ‘suspicious conduct’”

President John Mahama
President John Mahama

The above-captioned article, sourced from myjoyonline dated 22nd March, 2016 makes for a very interesting and even funny piece that depicts, at best, a crass propaganda strategy by the ruling government and its apparatchiks.

President John Mahama
President John Mahama

It recalls to mind when Mr. Kennedy Agyapong, MP for Assin Central, was arrested on the flimsy excuse that he had caused “fear and panic” with his misconstrued “tribalistic” statement that “threatened national security” under late President Atta Mills.

For this arrest, ex-President Kufuor appealed to late President Atta Mills to use his presidential powers to set Mr. Kennedy Agyapong free for the sake of peace, and described the action of the police as akin to “using a sledge hammer to kill a fly.” However, this statement by ex-President Kufuor did not go down well with the then Vice-President of Ghana, Mr. John Mahama. Within a few days, the then Vice-President is alleged to have responded that his party would not hesitate employing the use of “bulldozers to kill flies, if any fly tried to disturb the peace of this country.”

In the above-referenced article, the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) is reported to have caused the arrest of three South African former police officers in the Central Region for allegedly engaging in acts that threaten the country’s security. The three, 54-year-old Major Ahmed Shaik Hazis (Rtd.), 39-year–old WO/ Denver Dwayhe Naidu (Rtd.) and 45-year-old Captain Mlungiseleli Jokani (Rtd.), were picked up on Sunday March 20, 2016 at El Capitano Hotel in Agona Dunkwa in the Central Region.

According to the report, the three were engaged in training 15 young men in various military drills, including unarmed combat, weapon handling, VIP protection techniques, and rapid response maneuvers.

What is interesting is the alleged disclosure that the leader of the group, Hazis, disclosed to BNI officials that they were brought into the country by one Capt. Koda, head of security detail for NPP flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo, and that Hazis was part of Nana Akufo-Addo’s security detail during the 2012 elections but left the country soon after. A deputy director of communications of the NPP, Perry Okudzeto, set the record straight by noting that the South African nationals were training the security men strictly for “crowd control” and not for “military tactics,” and they “had license to operate” as such.
After all, what individual of right mind would want to train 15 Ghanaians to engage in what in Ghana? As home-trained terrorists, when we have already imported real terrorists into the country that is creating panic in the people, yet being made to pale into insignificance?

In the face of all these, a deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Mr. Koku Anyidoho, was quick to spin this story as NPP’s “desperation for power” and “importing mercenaries to destabilize the country,” seizing upon every concocted opportunity to draw the name of Nana Akufo-Addo into everything just because he is known to be of incorruptible character.

“Destabilize the country” for what? The NDC leadership has time and time again employed crass and “outdated revolutionary tactics” to divert the substances of issues. When they clearly have no message for the citizenry after having run the Ghanaian economy aground, and forcing people to live under harsh economic times, they resort to a track record of what they do best–blowing issues out of proportion, irrelevancy, and propaganda.

Surprisingly, the NDC leadership tends to assume that Ghanaians lack the ability to discern the truth. Who is interested in comprehensive report of the operations of Superlock Technologies Limited, a company mentioned in the arrest report that was engaged by Afari Gyan’s Electoral Commission (EC) that transmitted and collated results to the EC during the 2012 general elections? People are rather interested in far more important issues such as US$37 billion in revenue under the NDC government, of which only US$7 billion is accounted for in public projects in Ghana. It is on such issues that discerning Ghanaians are going to vote and take their destiny into their own hands.

And given what is happening in Nigeria now with the advent of the anti-corruption crusader, President Buhari, which has opened the way for Nigeria to receive US$200 billion of its looted money stashed away by Nigerian public officials in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), the reason cannot be far-fetched as to why the Nigerian counterparts of corrupt Ghanaian public officials are agitating and panicking: they sense a similar fate awaiting them should the now awakened Ghanaian electorate vote the NDC out of power in the 2016 elections, a change that seems inevitable in Ghana.

It is change that will supplant greed in governance by a few with sharing in governance with all citizens. It is change that results in jobs and not jolts in the economy; change that results in making electricity power a constant norm, not a variable norm; change that results in classrooms under roofs and tiles, not under trees and dirt; change that results in streets paved with blocks and asphalt, not patched with potholes and mud; and change that results in waxing the honor in public service, not waning the honor in public service.

Fifty-nine good years of nationhood, and we really have nothing to show for it. Ghana was 8 years old when Singapore had its political independence in 1965. Today, the success story of Singapore is told to the chagrin of Ghana. At independence, Ghana was richer than Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia or Singapore. Today, these countries’ success stories are told to the chagrin of Ghana.

Isn’t it about time that we moved away from the infantile partisan politics to the promised land of matured politics of true nation building? Why do we continue to be poor amidst plentiful natural resources? Corruption is a prime suspect. We are neck deep in corruption, which bedevil our socio-economic progress, because of leadership deficit. We need leaders with vision and commitment to build the capacity of the African to solve Africa’s problems.

Instead, we have leadership today that is master at propaganda and lies; leadership that can twist the story of a hungry snake that snatches a fish from the pond for meals, into a “Good Samaritan” snake that saves a helpless fish from drowning. And that is what the NDC is good at.

Source: Dr. Charles Kwame Addo
Catholic University College of Ghana

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