Bono Institute Condemns Hopeson Adorye For Distorting Facts About Dr. Busia

Hopeson Adorye
Hopeson Adorye

The BONO Public Policy Institute (BPI) has rejected claims by Hopeson Adorye, the operations manager of the Alan campaign Team for distorting facts about Dr Busia’s role in the NPP tradition and his lineage.

A statement signed by the Executive Secretary of BPI, noted that Dr. Busia cannot be used to represent the people of Asante since Busia was not born an Asante. He said Busia was a Bono Man from Wenchi in the Bono Region and should be regarded as such. Busia lives as a bono man throughout his life and was proud of that until his death and never laid claim to any Asante lineage.

Besides, the statement indicated that the people of Bono also have a presidential candidate who is being prepared to also contest the upcoming New Patriotic Party (NPP) presidential primaries and would be representing the Busia tradition in the party. ‘The Bono people don’t subscribe to tribal party politics. We believe that the party must thrive in unity and we totally condemn the tribal utterances of Hopeson Adorye’, the statement indicated.

The Institute therefore called on the supporters of the presidential candidates who have showed interest in contesting for the primaries to be circumspect and decorous in their statement in order not to divide the party and push in into oblivion
‘In the campaign leading to the election of our 2024 flagbearer, the thousands of NPP delegates will be choosing the most suitable person with the required competencies, record and the skills to win the 2024 elections and run our dear country .
All Presidential hopefuls and their supporters must campaign on how they can re-energize our Party’s base and how they can mobilise the Ghanaian people to vote for the NPP massively and stop the act of tribalism.

Don’t subtribe to tribal politics, the party must thrive in unity , as such Bono people would want to condemn Hopeson Adorye

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