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Bono Minister Appeals to Toyota for Spare Parts Manufacturing Plant in Sunyani

Justinaowusu Banahen
Justinaowusu Banahen

The Bono Regional Minister, Mad. Justina Owusu Banahene has called on Toyota Tsusho Manufacturing Ghana Co. Limited (TTMG) to establish a dedicated spare parts manufacturing unit in Sunyani, the capital of the Bono Region.


Speaking at the 3rd Applied Research Conference of Technical Universities in Ghana (ARCTUG 2024) in Sunyani, Mad. Owusu Banahene emphasized that such a facility would serve Toyota users across the northern sector of the country, significantly benefiting both the company and local communities.


Toyota Tsusho Manufacturing Ghana Co. Limited was one of the sponsors of the conference.


Mad. Owusu Banahene highlighted the inconvenience faced by Toyota users in the middle and northern parts of Ghana, who currently have to travel to Accra for parts and maintenance.

She noted that Sunyani, home to multinational companies like Newmont, has a high concentration of Toyota vehicles used by commercial and private entities.


Establishing a spare parts manufacturing facility in Sunyani would provide these users with easier access to genuine parts, reducing reliance on substandard alternatives and lowering transportation costs.


The Minister also pointed out the potential collaboration between TTMG and the Sunyani Technical University’s automobile department.


This partnership could offer guest lectures, workshops, and internships, enhancing students’ practical knowledge and job prospects.


Additionally, Toyota could support joint research projects, providing advanced facilities and equipment, scholarships, and industry connections to the students.


Mad. Owusu Banahene outlined the broader economic benefits of a local Toyota facility, including job creation in the factory and related sectors like transportation and logistics.


The presence of such a facility would stimulate further investment and development in the region, solidifying Toyota’s presence in the northern sector of Ghana and neighboring countries.


Local manufacturing would also reduce production and distribution costs, enhance Toyota’s competitive edge, and strengthen brand loyalty among consumers by contributing to local development.


Justina Owusu Banahene said Local mechanics and garages would have easier access to genuine Toyota spare parts, reducing the reliance on potentially substandard or counterfeit parts


Bono Minister disclosed that with a local manufacturing facility, transportation and importation costs for spare parts would be significantly reduced, lowering expenses for local garages.

She said the presence of a Toyota facility could foster knowledge transfer and training opportunities, improving the technical skills of local mechanics.


The establishment of a manufacturing facility would create jobs, not only in the factory itself but also in related sectors such as transportation and logistics.


Increased economic activity from the facility could stimulate further investment and development in the region.


The Minister’s proposal underscores the symbiotic relationship that can be fostered between multinational companies like Toyota and local communities, driving economic growth and development while meeting the needs of both parties.

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