Bono Minister Urges Citizens to Prioritize Sanitation and Environmental Cleanliness during Rainy Season

Madam Justina Owusu Banahene The Bono Regional Minister
Madam Justina Owusu Banahene

In a bid to promote a cleaner and healthier environment, the Bono Regional Minister, Mad. Justina Owusu Banahene, has called on citizens to be mindful of sanitation practices and actively participate in clearing the environment and desilting choked gutters, particularly during the rainy season.

With the onset of heavy rains in the region, Mad. Justina Owusu Banahene highlighted the importance of maintaining proper sanitation standards to prevent the spread of diseases and ensure the well-being of the community. She emphasized that it is the responsibility of every citizen to contribute to a cleaner and safer environment.

In an interview in Sunyani, Mad. Justina Owusu Banahene stressed the need for individuals to be proactive in their efforts to maintain cleanliness. She urged everyone to prioritize the clearing of their surroundings, ensuring that drainage systems and gutters are free from debris and blockages.

“Good sanitation practices are essential for our health and the overall development of our region,” stated Mad. Justina Owusu Banahene. “As the rainy season approaches, it is crucial that we take collective action to prevent flooding and the outbreak of waterborne diseases. By desilting choked gutters and properly disposing of waste, we can create a cleaner and safer environment for ourselves and future generations.”

The Minister further emphasized the significance of community engagement and collaboration in achieving effective sanitation management. She encouraged local leaders to mobilize their communities, organize clean-up exercises, and raise awareness about the importance of maintaining a hygienic environment.

Additionally, Mad. Justina Owusu Banahene highlighted the role of the government in providing necessary support and resources to enhance sanitation efforts. She affirmed that the Bono Regional Assembly is committed to implementing sustainable waste management initiatives and investing in the improvement of sanitation infrastructure across the region.

In conclusion, Minister Justina Owusu Banahene urged citizens to take personal responsibility for their surroundings and be actively involved in efforts to ensure proper sanitation and cleanliness, especially during the rainy season. By working together and adopting good sanitation practices, the region can achieve a healthier and more prosperous environment for all.

As the rainy season progresses, the Bono Regional Minister’s call to action serves as a timely reminder for citizens to prioritize sanitation, clear their environments, and desilt choked gutters. By heeding this advice, individuals can contribute to a cleaner, safer, and healthier Bono Region

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