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Bono Minister Urges Road Respect and Responsible Festivities

Madam Justina Owusu Banahene
Madam Justina Owusu Banahene

In her heartfelt Christmas message to the Bono Region, Madam Justina Owusu Banahene not only brought news of the anticipated change in vehicle registration numbers but also extended a crucial plea for a safer and more considerate road culture.

The Regional Minister emphasized the importance of respecting pedestrians’ rights, urging drivers to recognize them as equal road users.

Addressing a common issue on the roads, Madam Banahene highlighted instances where drivers often intimidate pedestrians, misconceiving the roads as solely constructed for vehicular use.

She reminded the driving community that, even with designated walkways, there will always be moments when pedestrians need to cross the road. Expressing concern, she particularly criticized the behaviour of certain drivers, including women, who intentionally ignore the need to yield for vulnerable individuals, especially children, making crossing roads a potentially dangerous endeavour.

Madam Owusu Banahene urged all drivers to exercise patience and empathy towards pedestrians. By fostering a more inclusive and respectful road environment, the Bono Region aims to enhance safety and reduce avoidable accidents.

Furthermore, the Regional Minister extended her counsel beyond road safety, advising parents to celebrate the festive season with modesty and care. Recognizing that schools are set to reopen in January, Madam Banahene emphasized the need for responsible festivities.

As families come together to celebrate, she urged parents to instil a sense of caution and mindfulness, ensuring that the joyous occasions are marked with safety and a sense of responsibility.

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