Bono Region records highest HIV/AIDS cases in Ghana

Dr Kofi Amo-Kodieh
Dr Kofi Amo-Kodieh

The Bono Region currently leads in HIV infection in the country, with a prevalence rate of 2.5, Dr Kofi Amo-Kodieh, the Bono Regional Director of Health, has said.
The Bono Region Health Director in a press conference stated that the region’s HIV Sentinel Survey (HSS) has revealed that out of the 1, 536 patients screened 1,434 came out positive and were put on drugs.
Dr Kofi Amo-Kodieh, however, cautioned residents against irresponsible behaviour to avoid contracting HIV.

He said the situation has been a source of worry for stakeholders in the HIV/AIDS Response in the region. The area still has a higher prevalence than the national average.

He advised the youth to abstain from sex or practice safe sex to protect themselves from contracting the virus.

Dr Kofi Amo-Kodieh said, the urban settings had higher prevalence compared to rural areas due to a number of factors, including commercial activities and social interactions.

Dr Kofi Amo-Kodieh again said since 2020 the COVID-19 have also killed 99 people in the region.  

Dr Amo-Kodieh said COVID-19 is still prevalent and advised the public to continue to adhere to the health and safety protocols to avoid contracting the disease. 

Regular handwashing with soap under running water, frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and observance of social distancing remained the prerequisites, he said, and urged everybody to strictly adhere to that. 

 Dr Amo-Kodieh said the Directorate is working hard against the occurrence of preventable diseases and advised the public to eat balanced diets and guard against unhealthy lifestyles that could endanger their lives.

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