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Bono Regional Minister Urges Public Involvement in Ensuring Product Safety

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Madam Owusu Banahene

The Bono Regional Minister, Madam Justina Owusu Banahene, in a move aimed at ensuring public safety, is fervently appealing to the citizens of the region to actively collaborate with the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) by voluntarily submitting any unwholesome products for safe disposal.

Madam Owusu Banahene conveyed her concerns, stressing the severe health risks associated with the sale of expired or unregistered products by vendors who exhibit no remorse for their actions.

In an exclusive interview, the Bono Minister reiterated her appeal to buyers, urging them to promptly report any instances of such products to the local FDA office. By doing so, the community plays a pivotal role in eliminating unwholesome products from the region’s market, subsequently safeguarding public health.

While commending the FDA for its routine post-market surveillance activities, Madam Owusu Banahene emphasized that it is a collective effort, where the citizens’ active involvement is indispensable.

Mad. Owusu Banahene recognized that due to the region’s proximity to Cote d’Ivoire, there exists a heightened risk of unregistered products being furtively smuggled into the region. In view of the region’s location, it is particularly vulnerable to hosting unwholesome products.

Madam Owusu Banahene underlined the significance of citizens’ partnership with the FDA to eliminate expired, counterfeit, contaminated, unregistered, and all other forms of unwholesome regulated products from the market.

The Regional Minister reaffirmed her outfit’s unwavering commitment to public health as one of its paramount priorities. She highlighted their dedication to ensuring the safety of various consumer products, including food, drugs, cosmetics, household chemicals, medical devices, and other regulated items within the region, all under the purview of the FDA.

Furthermore, she encouraged the public to exercise caution when making purchases by checking product expiry dates and verifying the registration status of items. Madam Owusu Banahene emphasized the importance of acquiring regulated products exclusively from accredited and reputable outlets or sources.

Additionally, she implored the public to promptly report individuals engaged in the sale of expired, unregistered, or unwholesome products to the FDA, thereby contributing to the paramount cause of public safety.

Madam Owusu Banahene asserted, is pivotal in collectively safeguarding the well-being of the community and ensuring that unscrupulous individuals who engage in the sale of potentially hazardous products are held accountable. Public vigilance and engagement are invaluable in this mission to maintain a marketplace characterized by the highest standards of safety and quality.

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