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Bono Regional PNC Secretary Warns Politicians against Lies and Deception

Nurudeen Pnc
Nurudeen Pnc

In a hard-hitting statement, the Bono Regional Secretary of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Mr. Abdul Samad Nurudeen, has cautioned politicians against the use of lies and deception to sway voters.

Speaking on Space FM’s weekend flagship program “The Hot Points,” Nurudeen discussed the impact of political lies on public trust and democracy, emphasizing the growing political awareness among the electorate.

Nurudeen asserted that while politicians are employing various tactics to outwit the electorate, voters are becoming increasingly aware and politically astute.

 “The era of unchecked lies and deception is coming to an end,” he warned. “The electorate is now more vigilant and willing to hold their leaders accountable.”

To substantiate his claims, Nurudeen cited a recent incident involving Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and a nursing student. According to Nurudeen, when Dr. Bawumia claimed that all allowances had been paid to nurses, a particular student stood up and openly challenged the vice president, stating that she had not received her allowance since the beginning of her final year.

This incident, Nurudeen noted, is a clear example of how the electorate is no longer willing to accept blatant lies and deception.

“From historical deceptions to recent scandals, political lies have far-reaching consequences on public trust and democracy,” Nurudeen said. “Politicians need to be mindful of their actions and statements, as the electorate is no longer willing to accept blatant lies and deception.”

Nurudeen’s remarks sparked a broader discussion on the ethical and moral implications of political deception.

He emphasized the crucial role of the media in exposing political lies and educating the public. “The media must remain vigilant and unbiased in its reporting, ensuring that the truth prevails over misinformation,” he stated.

He also called for increased efforts to educate voters on the importance of critical thinking and fact-checking in the political process.

“Educating the electorate on these deceptive tactics and promoting transparency and accountability among political leaders is essential for maintaining the integrity of our democratic processes,” Nurudeen added.

As the 2024 election cycle approaches, Nurudeen urged the public to critically examine the claims and promises made by political actors. “The power of the vote lies in an informed electorate. Voters must demand honesty and integrity from their leaders to safeguard our democracy,” he concluded.

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