Book on ‘Demystifying Coronavirus Plague’ launched in Accra


A book titled, “Demystifying Coronavirus Plaque”, which gives a political, religious, and scientific Insight into COVID-19, and expected to be a study document to all sections of society has been launched in Accra.

The 188-page book, authored by Bishop Dr Charles Abban, President of the International Clergy Association and the General Overseer of the Miracle Rock Church International, spells out the “bolts and nuts” of the COVID-19 pandemic, and why certain key stakeholders needed to come together and work with unity to help curb the spread.

Professor Abraham Kwabena Anang, Director of the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, University of Ghana, in forwarding the Book, stated: “the author has skillfully tackled potential issues of relating to politics, religion, and science in such a manner to enable holistic thought and analysis of the pandemic to the world.”

“Demystifying Coronavirus Plague; a political, religious and scientific insight of COVID-19 is a masterpiece to read for different purposes; for information, awareness, and education for all classes of people, including civil society, students, health professionals, and policy makers.

“This book presented in a way that brings useful answers to some key questions and presents a platform for engaging and training the next generation of public health professionals”, Prof Anang said.

Launching the book, Professor Reverend Samuel Deegbe, President of the Maranatha University College, Accra, who reviewed it, described the book as timely and purposefully for the world and the church.

He said the seven-chapter book, talks about types of coronavirus in the world; what the Bible says about COVID-19; the Church and COVID-19; Understanding the times we are living in now; the writer’s vision on COVID-19; Women as frontliners in the fight against COVID-19; and the role of gender-inclusive leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bishop Abban told the Ghana News Agency that he was inspired to write the book to serve as an educational, informational, awareness, and inspirational research material, which could be studied, as well as help in the fight against Coronavirus pandemic.

“I want the general public, research, and other organisations to have information and go into it to see what women are doing in the fight against COVID-19,” he stated.

Bishop Abban said the book also emphasized the need for political leaders, religious leaders, the scientific and research people, as well as health workers to come together, to bring down COVID-19.

Copies of the book could be obtained from the Rock Hospital and the Miracle Rock Church International, all in Accra as well as other major bookshops.


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