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A book authored by Hajia Nazifatu Shiraz, Principal Community Health Nurse, Legon Hospital, titled, “Holiday Adventures” has been launched in Accra.

The book seeks to educate and inform readers, especially the younger generation on fundamental areas of human life such as health, security, culture and travel.

Hajia Nazifatu Shiraz, at the book launch, said she wrote the book to create awareness on pre-disposing causes, effects and prevention of domestic accidents among children and even adults.

Adding that the book would guide children to be safe wherever they find themselves whether at home, school, playground, farm or even on the street.

She said the number of accidents reported on daily basis was alarming hence the need for some education to reduce such cases if not completely stopped.

“I picked the title of my book because during holidays children stay mostly in the house with little or no supervision and they intend to seek all sorts of adventures in a section of urban and rural setting,” she said.

The author said, she wrote the book out of personal and professional experiences and wooed the public to buy copies” since it is very beneficial.”

Dr Louisa Ademki Matey, Municipal Health Director, Ayawaso West Wuogon, said the book was an everyday textbook for health because it addressed all aspects of human health, teaching children and adults to be more responsible.

She stated that household and neighbourhood injuries were a public health concern and should be considered a priority.

Dr Matey said some quotes in the book brought out lessons such as: “washing of hands with soap and water, signifying prevention and control of diseases, do not talk while eating, signifying table manners, not leaving fire unattended to would cause havoc, identifying environmental health and safety, greeting elders and respecting them, a courtesy for boys and girls.

She entreated all and sundry to get a copy of the book to find out more important fundamental issues of concern.”

Pishugu Lana, Naa Alhassan Andani, Executive Director of Stanbic Bank, who chose to touch on the cultural side of the book said, Ghanaians who had been “extracted from their villages because of the pursuit of economic interest and greener pastures should not throw away their culture and values.”

He said the “Europeans who brought education to us still hold dear to their culture so we should not forget the culture and values that brought us up but rather blend the western culture with ours for the betterment of the communities and the country at large.

Pishugu Lana said the book demonstrated how to value culture in the language of children, adding that it was a good read for children and adults who had been “extracted” from their native homes.

He advised the citizenry not to lose the greens back home and courtesies, encouraging parents to teach their children to blend tradition and modernisation.

Dr Marzouk Mohammed, Special Aid to the National Chief Imam, said the book was an excellent piece and presentation which addressed the fundamental areas of human endeavours.

He said the book’s diction, structure and subject matter were analytical and comprehensive.

Dr Marzouk said the book was simple to read and understood, “also the subject matter is relevant to the contemporary society which touches on critical segment of the population and that was encouraging.”

He said the structure of the book was well designed, the language could be described as a masterpiece and recommended the book to the Muslim community and the entire society.

“Most crimes we hear of nowadays are been done using young people as tools for the act, therefore it was important for us to redefine our approach and give more attention to them, so a book such as this was necessary and timely,” he said.

Mr Adib Saani, Security Analyst, said the book focused on a special group, young people who were the future of the country.

He said asked parents to ensure the security of their wards, family, neighbourhood and the community as a whole.

Mr Saani urged all parents to involve their children in the security management process and should not underestimate the intelligence of children.

“Parents should invest in security by following simple security protocols, teach their children to say no to strangers and should not give too much information about their family on social media,” he added.

He advised Ghanaians to contribute towards the harnessing of the security potential in the country.

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