Botchway Challenges Bawumia on E-Levy: Calls for Genuine Action Amidst Political Promises


Bright Botchway, National Deputy Director of the Traders and Artisans Network-NDC, has issued a compelling challenge to Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia regarding his pledge to cancel the controversial e-levy.

Speaking during a visit to traders and artisans affected by flooding in Gomoa Manpong alongside Hon. Desmond Paitoo, Member of Parliament for Gomoa East, Botchway urged Bawumia to demonstrate sincerity by fulfilling his commitment.

In a direct statement, Botchway emphasized the necessity for Bawumia to translate words into action, stating, “Ghanaian entrepreneurs will lose trust in Bawumia if he continues to mislead them about canceling the e-levy. I challenge Bawumia to cancel the e-levy now if he genuinely intends to support his campaign.” This call highlights the growing impatience within the business community for tangible economic policies that alleviate financial burdens.

The e-levy, a contentious tax on electronic transactions, has been a focal point of debate in Ghana’s economic landscape. Bawumia’s promise to abolish it has resonated strongly among voters, particularly those directly affected by its implications on business operations and consumer spending.

Botchway’s challenge underscores a broader sentiment among Ghanaians skeptical of political promises without corresponding actions. As the 2024 elections approach, economic policies like the e-levy hold significant sway over voter decisions, reflecting concerns over taxation and economic stability.

While acknowledging the practical challenges of immediate implementation, including IMF conditions requiring the levy to remain in place for three years, Botchway’s stance stresses the urgency for Bawumia to navigate these constraints and deliver on his commitment. A decisive move to cancel the e-levy could not only enhance Bawumia’s credibility but also potentially sway voter support, particularly from the business sector.

In conclusion, Botchway’s challenge serves as a poignant reminder to political leaders of the imperative to align promises with substantive actions. As Ghana prepares for the upcoming elections, the electorate’s trust hinges on leaders’ ability to deliver policies that tangibly benefit the populace and foster economic growth. Bawumia’s response to this call will likely influence voter perceptions and shape the political landscape in the months ahead.

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