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A new report by CNN has listed the diamond rich South African country of Botswana as Africa?s most prosperous nation in a list that saw the giant of Africa- Nigeria, conspicuously missing among the top 10 despite claims of being the biggest economy in Africa.

According to the report, 38 African countries were ranked in various criteria including economics, quality of living, education and health.

Botswana?s high GDP of $15,176, good governance, investing as much as 8 percent of its annual budget in education (one of the biggest proportional spenders in the world according to world bank) as well as personal freedom made the country emerge as Africa?s most prosperous nation.

Central African republic with a per capita income of $584, increased violence and lack of basic sanitation qualified the country in its position.

Others on the list are:

South Africa ? 2nd

Morocco ? 3rd

Namibia ? 4th

Tunisia ? 5th

Algeria ? 6th

Ghana ? 7th

Rwanda -8th

Burkina Faso -9th

Senegal ? 10th

Source: 233times.com


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