“Education, a right; not a privilege”. This mantra has served as a guiding spirit for the essence of education, not in Ghana alone as a country alone but the world at large. It is no surprise, therefore, that this same mantra has been the motto of the International Union of Students (IUS). The same mantra remain the motto of most student unions across Africa.

A solid case can be made as the reason why it forms the summary of the ‘soul’ of educational provisions in the constitution of Ghana. The same reason all political parties have it as their central theme for education.

The fight for better conditions for students of Ghana started over 50 years ago. However, a well structured union was put in place to serve as the mouthpiece of all students, hence, the formation of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS).

NUGS has helped solved the myriad of challenges our educational sector has been saddled with. She has had her own down moments though, but as Dr. Kwame Nkrumah once said, “We neither face East nor West, We face toward”. We find strength in our weakness, solutions in our questions and progress in our quest for a better education.

Today May 15, 2015 as we mark National Students Day, I wish to join all students in Ghana to reminisce the successes chalked by former students, celebrate them and ponder over what the future holds for us. As this year marks the Golden Jubilee of NUGS, I wish to urge all students that in unity, we shall forge ahead and make giant strides in achieving great gains for all students of this nation and Ghanaian students in the diaspora.

Long Live NUGS
Long Live Students of Ghana
Long Live Ghana

Boys Nii-Lantey Williams
2015 NUGS President Hopeful

Issued by Public Relations Team



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