Brazilian Influencer Undergoes A Cosmetic Procedure To Remove Just One Cellulite

Brazilian influencer
Brazilian influencer

“That little hole bothered me. I would look at it when wearing lingerie and pay even more attention when putting on a bikini,” says the Brazilian influencer who underwent GoldIncision method

The influencer Wanessa Moura got attention from her followers after saying that she wanted to give an upgrade to her booty. She recently underwent a procedure on her butt to remove just one cellulite. After seeing photos of other patients using the GoldIncision technique, she decided to perform the intervention as well. After all, the fact that she had cellulite bothered her constantly. “I noticed from the photos of other patients that the treatment also left the bum with a hydrated appearance, with illuminated skin. That caught my attention,” explained Wanessa. 

Wanessa mentions that, despite being thin, this doesn’t exempt her from comments about her body or natural marks. For her, the best thing is to ignore other people’s opinion and focus on her own wellness. “The important thing is to choose to do these treatments for yourself and not for others. I try not to listen to these opinions”. The decision to go ahead with the procedure was hers alone: “I know it wasn’t a large amount, but that little hole bothered me. I looked when wearing lingerie and paid even more attention when putting on a bikini. I heard from others that it was silly, but today, after checking the result, I don’t regret it,” she adds. 

It’s worth remembering that GoldInsicion is an effective treatment and that it has become the darling of women. This is because, in addition to treating the appearance of the skin, it also treats the causes of cellulite, such as localized fat, circulation difficulties and sagging, resulting in benefits from the simplest to the most serious cases. After the successful cosmetic intervention, the influencer even did a new photo shoot with only football’s players stickers, alluding and honoring the World Cup 2022. She took the opportunity to show off the excellent result she had with the procedure. “Now I have a much smoother, brighter and completely hydrated but”, declared Wanessa.

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