Breman: Mother, 2 Kids & Boyfriend Killed in a Fire


A woman and her two children, and a man believed to be her boyfriend, have perished in a fire out break at Breman, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region on the dawn of independence day March 6, 2017.

Commenting on the incident, the Ashanti Regional Fire Commander, DCFO Semekor Fiadzo, said their preliminary investigations suggest that the fire may have been sparked deliberately by a man, suspected to be the woman’s jilted lover.

According to him, an eyewitness whose room is next to the deceased mother, said “she heard the deceased calling for help, calling her to come and assist her and that somebody had entered into her room and wanted to kill her. So she came out and saw this man in a white shirt pouring something like petrol, we suspect it could be petrol, spraying it into the chamber whilst at the same time, there is a gas cylinder there, and he switched on the gas and the gas was coming out, then he quickly lit the match and he run away, and the whole place was set ablaze.”

He added that, “from all indication, that suspect might have been in a relationship with the deceased who for very obvious reasons had jilted him or were no more, and on that particular day, the lady had come in with a man, who has also been visiting her, probably a new boyfriend.”

The lady, together with her two kids and the alleged boyfriend lost their lives to the fire that started at 1:00am on Monday.

The wooden structure is the only one that was razed totally by the fire, among a lot of others on the same compound.

DCFO Semekor said they are still investigating the incident.

By: Lauretta Timah/

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