A prominent citizen of Anambra State, Hon. Chudi Offodile, has said that the state Governor, Mr. Peter Obi, must be removed over the brewing controversy on the Sabmiller Brewery located in Onitsha area of the state.?Offodile, at a press conference on Wednesday, said it had become obvious that Obi is the owner of the brewery, which was funded with the state’s money.

He said that since he made the disclosure, Obi has not denied it but resorted to calling him all sorts of names.

He said that a statement by an aide of the governor only went further to confirm his position that Obi owned the brewery.

Offodile thus advised President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, who will be visiting the state from August 30, 2012, to avoid going to the brewery for its commissioning.

Below is the full text of the press conference, unedited:


As you are all aware, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR) will be in Anambra State on Thursday 30th of August, 2012, to commission the Orient Petroleum facilities and SABMiller Brewery in Onitsha.

I had raised the issue of the brewery scandal and the need for Mr. President to avoid the brewery in my article titled: ?Anambra: Oil Prospects and Brewery Scandal? published online and in the Sun Newspaper of 28th August, 2012.

The Governor responded in a Radio interview on the same 28th August on SAPIENTA EXPRESS, Onitsha, calling me names without denying or debunking the facts contained in the write up. His Media Assistant issued what he believed to be a rebuttal but was indeed an admission that NEXT INTERNATIONAL LTD is owned by Governor Peter Obi but that he (Obi) resigned as a Director of the company before he was sworn in as Governor.

He also admitted that the land belonging to INTERNATIONAL STEEL COMPANY ?was truly revoked for overriding public interest, for they abandoned the land for years and it dilapidated a lot, but it was not allocated to SABMiller.?

The truth is that as we speak, INTAFACT BEVERAGES LTD is in possession of the land in question and INTERNATIONAL STEEL CO has already filed a suit in the High Court of Onitsha Judicial Division against the Attorney General of Anambra State and INTAFACT BEVERAGES LTD.

I maintain, therefore, that it is illegal to revoke a parcel of land for overriding public interest and grant the same parcel of land to a private company and that it becomes immoral and symptomatic of greed, avarice and a capricious abuse of State Power when the beneficiary of the revocation is the Governor himself.

The shareholders of INTAFACT BEVERAGES LIMITED (SABMiller) in the records of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as at 22nd August, 2012, are SABMILLER NIGERIA HOLDINGS, ANAMBRA STATE GOVERNMENT and NEXT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED owned by Peter Obi and his family.

Now, I stated clearly that Governor Obi personally handled all negotiations between ANAMBRA STATE GOVERNMENT and SABMILLER Group and visited South Africa several times on the subject. And I raised the question; did SABMiller allocate the shares in INTAFACT BEVERAGES LIMITED to NEXT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED as ?bribe? to further its business interest in Nigeria?

What did Governor Peter Obi have in mind when he invested N2 billion Naira of Anambra State money in a company he has direct interest?

What other assets of ANAMBRA STATE did he contribute on behalf of the state to further his own business interest?

Did NEXT INTERNATIONAL (Obi?s company) pay for the shares allotted to it in ?cash or kind? and how was the payment, if any, effected?

What does Governor Peter Obi understand by the oath he swore to, on assumption of office; ?that I will not allow my personal interest to influence to my official conduct or my official decisions.?

1. In the absence of clear answers to these questions from the Governor and his Team, it is safe for me to conclude that Governor Peter Obi has abused his office as Governor of Anambra State and grossly violated his Oath of Office by using his official position to pursue his business interest.

2. That he represents foreign interests in Nigeria using his position as a member of the Economic Management Team of the Federal Government and Governor of Anambra State of Nigeria.

3. That he received shares as compensation or bribe, as the case may be, for his services to the foreign interest in this case SABMILLER, through his company NEXT INTERNATIONAL LTD.

4. I do hereby state, that Governor Peter Obi?s continued membership of the EMT is not in the best interest of the Federal Government of Nigeria and if he has any modicum of INTEGRITY, he should resign his position as Governor of Anambra State.


Ichie Nwakibie N’Ogidi.

(Ogidi of Ogidi)


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