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Bring Back Our Road, We Are Tired Of Complaining – Concerned Citizens Of Volta

Portion Ho Aflao Road
Portion Ho Aflao Road

Source: Michael Foli Jackidy

The Concerned Citizens of Volta Region, a grassroots initiative comprising residents living along the Ho-Tokor road, has issued a stern ultimatum to key stakeholders, including the Volta Regional Minister, Members of Parliament representing constituencies along the road, Municipal and District Chief Executives, and local Chiefs.

In a widely circulated Press Release obtained by News Ghana, the group highlights the long-standing neglect of the road, transforming it into a hazardous thoroughfare and a haven for criminal activities.

Expressing deep concern, the group emphasizes the critical role of the Ho-Tokor road as a vital artery for international commerce, linking the regional capital to neighboring Togo. They recall with disappointment the promises made by the political parties, especially the NPP, before the 2020 elections regarding the road’s renovation, only to witness post-election inaction.

The group underscores the incredulity of prominent individuals who regularly traverse the road in luxury vehicles, seemingly unaffected by deteriorating conditions. They lament the road’s transformation into a deadly trap, claiming lives and properties with impunity. The group perceives the silence of regional leaders as a blatant disregard for the pledges made to the people of the Volta region.

In a direct appeal to regional authorities, including revered Chiefs, Members of Parliament, Municipal and District Chief Executives, the Volta Regional Minister, Hon. Dr. Archibald Yao Letsa, and the Ghana Highways Authority, the group implores swift intervention to address the dire state of the Ho-Tokor-Denu-Aflao road. They urge these leaders to leverage their influence to communicate the urgent need for action to the President and his administration.

Moreover, the Concerned Citizens of the Volta Region draw attention to other vital roads within the region, essential for facilitating economic activities. These include the Ho Kpenoe-Hordzo Road to Togo, the Sokode Gbogame-Akrofu Bame-Kpeve road, and the Sokode Etoe, UHAS-Tritrinu bypass connecting to the Ho-Denu road. The group stresses the importance of prompt government action on these roads to foster regional development.

The Ho-Tokor road, a lifeline connecting the Volta Region to Togo, has languished in a state of disrepair for years, exacerbating smuggling and criminal activities. The group contends that its reconstruction is pivotal to enhancing socio-economic activities in the region, ultimately fostering growth and prosperity for its inhabitants.

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