Brock Royal Family Discovered In Ghana


The affluence of the Brock Royal family has attracted the attention of the international community due to the arrival of the sleek Maybach Exelero in Ghana.

The $8m worth sports ride stirred two foreign embassies to react, and as a result tracked its destination.

The operation search mounted by the two embassies in Accra tracked the car at Trasacco in one of the fleet of houses belonging to the owner of the customized sports car in question-founder and father of the Brock royal family.

It was revealed that about 30 luxurious cars were parked at the plush Trasacco mansion during the search.

Consequently, the car was impounded by security officials from the embassies on Tuesday but later released it on Sunday after realizing how wealthy the Brock royal family is .

It has also emerged that the Brock royal family owns several properties in Ghana and abroad worth millions of dollars.

Ghana has benefited from the charity works of the Brock royal family for close to two decades and counting.

The Brock royal family rank among the affluent families in Ghana such as the Awuah Darkos, Kalmonies, Bediakos and Irani Brothers.
By Kofi Aduonum 

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