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Broken Bonds: Ayisha’s Path To Liberation

Broken Bond
Broken Bond

Source: Sulemana Iman Wuniche, Tamale Islamic Senior High School

Once there lived a magnificent village named Gumani. This village was full of decent maidens and respectful gents. They lived in the town like brothers and sisters, a family. Also, they helped and did everything together. This made their village a lovely place to be. Other villages envied Gumani because they wanted to be like them but always argued and fought. Men from other villages always wanted maidens from Gumani for marriage because of their good behavior. This made ladies from other villages jealous of them.

This particular maiden named Ayisha was lovely, respectful, and charming as well, the apple of her parent’s eyes, a dazzling beauty who always walked the earth with such magnificent appeal. Ayisha was approached by a handsome man named Wadud. Mr. Wadud fell in love with Ayisha, partly because of her beauty and largely because of the village she came from. All surrounding villages knew the type of ladies Gumani breeds: class and eloquence.

With many eyes on Ayisha, she was confused about which man to settle with. Initially, she didn’t look Wadud’s way, or better put, he wasn’t her type. After much persuasion, she finally agreed. After the “knocking,” Mr. Wadud had a list of items he needed to get. These items varied from one village to another. Gumani maidens weren’t cheap; hence Mr. Wadud had to sell a lot of his properties, including land and animals. He was broke after this but was able to wow Ayisha’s parents. Deep in his heart, he wasn’t happy with the customary rites that left him penniless. He regretted instantly what he had to do just to make Ayisha his wife.

Not long after, Mr. Wadud started behaving strangely. Not only did he stay out late, but he also wouldn’t eat the food Ayisha prepared after he returned home. Confused, Ayisha kept asking what she did but kept getting silence as an answer. At long last, he broke his silence; he started cursing and shouting, “You are the reason I lost all my assets.” He then ended the tantrums with a severe beating, resulting in Ayisha having her arm broken.

Later that night, the trees trembled with silence and the earth quieted. The moon seemed to be on vacation. The land was dark. Taking advantage of the night, Ayisha tried to escape on foot back to her parents’ village. Unfortunately, her husband noticed the haste in her behavior earlier and got suspicious; this eventually led to her getting caught in her attempt to flee. For days to come, Ayisha was locked up and only served with little food and water.

Mr. Wadud, in his arrogance and narcissistic ego, kept shouting at the top of his voice, “You are my property, your parents sold you to me, don’t dare, never try to run away.” However, Ayisha was so determined to run away; that she got caught again, and this time, the husband broke her leg. Now she had both arms and legs to worry about. Away in Gumani, Ayisha’s parents hadn’t heard from her in a while. Confused, and bothered, they yearned to hear from their beloved daughter.

Ayisha had always imagined what marriage was. She would fantasize about having her husband put food in her bath, and she would, in turn, do the same. Here she was suffering and having regrets of having said yes to this beast. With her broken arm and leg, her husband would still send her to the market. Sometimes, she got locked out in heavy rain just because they had a little argument.

It wasn’t long before the people of Kanvilli became aware of her story, the mean treatment from her husband, and how he subjected her to pain and agony. They started calling him all sorts of names; “wife beater” wasn’t an exception.

On their market day, Ayisha had gone to get some foodstuff; a lady from Gumani happened to see her and recognized her. She wasn’t happy with how she was looking and quickly ran back home to inform Ayisha’s parents. The next day, Ayisha’s parents visited her in Kanvilli.

To their dismay, what they saw was unbelievable. After listening to her for close to an hour, Ayisha’s parents had heard enough and asked that they leave that same day. Her husband tried to block the way, insisting the whole time that she was his property because her parents sold her to him. He finally demanded that they pay him back all that he lost during the marriage ceremony. Ayisha’s parents paid him back every penny. He gained all back but lost Ayisha as a wife.

Reality finally set in with Mr. Wadud; he no longer had company, a friend, or even someone to fix him sumptuous meals. His regrets were glaring, and he spent days and nights trying not to show it. This he could only manage for a few months. In the fourth month, he went back to apologize to Ayisha’s parents and requested her back. The youth in the community were inside the compound waiting for his reason for coming; after hearing his submission, he was chased out of the house and out of the village. The same man who had a lot of admiration from the village was now being chased away like a stray dog in the market.

Back in Kanvilli, life became unbearable for Mr. Wadud. He was known by all sorts of names, and this affected his image. No lady in the village answered his call, and this left him sad and upset. He left the village for an unknown place, never to be seen again.
Ayisha remarried the man of her dreams: charming, intelligent, and empathetic; together they had a lovely baby boy. They lived together happily ever after.

Author: Sulemana Iman Wuniche, Tamale Islamic Senior High School, Home Economics One (1) Department

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