Brother, Why bother to fix it, when it ain?t broken?


151075_430141643718135_1581950246_nSome very good NPP friends of mine on social media have been exerting incessant pressure on me to ?campaign against for other flagbearship aspirants to abandon their dreams, following Nana Addo?s spectacularly spectacular performance in the super delegates? congress, to allow him contest, unopposed, on October 18th national delegates? congress. And their reasons are; for the party to save resources to prosecute campign-2016 and foster internal cohesion by way of cutting-out rancorous campaigning.

Admittedly, these are very laudable prepositions being put forward by true patriots with sincere hearts and genuine desire to seeing the party capture power in 2016, and my very generous gratitude goes to all members of our great elephant family, particularly London-based friend, Mr. Kofi Freeman, who suggested this to me.

But in my very humble divergent opinion, I believe the party rather stands to gain when the congress is allowed to take place, with those ?belligerent? contestants carrying through with their ambitions. And my reasons are very much simple:

1. A nationwide campaign by these contestants will re-energize at party?s base at the polling station level since officers at this level, who will be doing the greater part of the work during the 2016 electioneering campaign, will be taking part in this exercise. This will afford them the opportunity to get the feel of what is to come and the level of responsibility the party looks forward to giving them.

2. Instead of personalization of campaign messages, I rather would expect these flagbearer aspirants, to rather focus attention on incompetence of current NDC government, expose their hypocrisy and untold levels of corruption, and proffer cogent policy alternatives. This will prove to the citizenry, our readiness to govern and ability to perform which they wouldn?t find difficult to believe, anyway, because we have done it before.

3. There will be brisk business by way of selling party paraphernalia by traders in our party, and this will put some petty-petty cash in their pockets in this time of John Mahama-induced socio-economic holocaust.

4. There will be some ?petty-petty? cash floating in the system for our party foot-soldiers to also enjoy small.

5. Nana Addo has never been scared of a contest, be it intra or inter and therefore there is no reason why anything should be done to provide these NDC insipid propagandists with the fodder to chew-on by way of questioning Nana Addo?s legitimacy to lead our party into 2016,without going through appropriate internal contest.

6. And last but certainly not the least, our party?s constitution enjoins us to go through this process so until there has been a clear amendment of to this particular aspect of the law, what exactly is the point in doing the contrary? In other-words, why bother fixing it, when it certainly ain?t broken? Nana Addo is clearly the real deal so let?s all be calm.NPP IS SURELY COMING BACK!!!

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei


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