The Brother MFC-9235CW is an easy-to-use printer that also has convenient features. For example, with a large portion of the population using smart phones, the printer works with a scan and print app, which is available for the iPhone, Windows Mobile products, and Android phones. ?What this allows users to do is send scans in JPEG form of PDFs directly to your printer from your mobile device. Not only can it do this, but it can also perform the reverse function ?a file scanned on your printer can be sent to your smart phone. Needless to say, this functionality makes this printer an excellent buy.
In order to be a good buy, a printer must have excellent resolution. This Brother MFC-9235CW printer has a print resolution of 600 x 2400 dpi, which is more than sufficient for home business purposes. Furthermore, it boasts a scan resolution of 19,200 x 19,200 dpi. Simply put, its performance in the realm of resolution is tremendous, and the products and graphics you can create for your business and clients are going to truly dazzle, particularly when in color.
In today?s age, setting up and networking a printer needs to be simple and quick, particularly for a home business. Even if it?s for personal use, you more than likely have multiple computers and devices that will need to send data to the printer. With this product, the process is easy and painless because of its wireless connectivity, which is quickly becoming a necessity.

This eliminates the need to purchase cords and hardware to attach your devices to the printer, saving you money and reducing hassle.
Moreover, this printer performs with a great rate of speed. You don?t need to spend your valuable time waiting for print jobs to finish. While it?s true that there are faster printers on the market, this one can print nineteen pages per minute, which is still great. Those faster printers also cost into the thousands of dollars, making them not nearly as cost effective as this Brother product which retails at less than five hundred dollars. ?As we?ve alluded to, this printer is also a scanner, fax, and copier, making it very convenient indeed.
While this printer is an excellent product, it is not without its shortcoming. Printing in color or making color copies will be more costly per page than it would be with an inkjet printer. Of course, it is still cheaper than other laser printers, and it does excellent with black and white printing, but a small inkjet printer will be a better fit for light color jobs. All things considered, however, the Brother MFC-9235CW is pretty unbeatable for your printing needs.

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