Bryant response to findings of Borders and Immigration report of the UK


Chris Bryant MP, Labour?s Shadow Immigration Minister,

Chris Bryant MP, Labour?s Shadow Immigration Minister,

(January 24, 2013, UK, Refugee News Network)-Chris Bryant MP, Labour?s Shadow Immigration Minister, response to reports from the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration

This morning the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, John Vine released two reports into (a) immigration application on the grounds of marriage or civil partnership and (b) the handling of immigration offences at the UK Border.

Once again Mr Vine has discovered worrying operational and administrative failures by both the UK Border Agency and the UK Border Force.

Chris Bryant MP, in response to these findings, said: 

?Yet again the Independent Chief Inspector has condemned Theresa May?s management of the UK Border Agency for inconsistency, inaccuracy and delay and for not even having a policy to deal with a backlog of 14,000 immigration cases, which has been growing by 700 cases a month under this Government.

?In recent months we have learnt of files left unopened, letters left unanswered, hundreds of original decisions being overturned on appeal and applicants coming to Britain who did not prove they could support themselves.  It all adds up to delay, confusion and a massive waste of taxpayers? money.

?Under this Tory-led Government fewer people are being deported for breaking immigration rules, fewer foreign national prisoners are being removed, fewer people are being stopped at our borders, and security checks have been dropped on asylum seekers the agency says cannot be traced. The gap between what this Government says and what it does is growing ever larger.?

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