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Buhari to give Nigerians a youth-friendly government

Muhammadu Buhari
Muhammadu Buhari


The Head of the? group?s Media Publicity and ICT, Buhari Support Organisations (BSO) Dr. Chidia Maduekwe, said General Muhammadu Buhari, has a plan to operate a youth-centered administration if given the people?s mandate at next month?s presidential election.

A statement Madueke signed yesterday?in Abuja also revealed that a Buhari / Osinbajo presidency will focus on critical areas of investment and human capital development agenda of the youth population.

He described as very disheartening the fact that the 2013 the world bank development index showed an estimated 100 Million Nigerians? mainly in the youth group tied into the vicious grip of poverty .

? It is obvious? that economic agenda somersault? of PDP led administration is responsible for the above sad development .The PDP continuity? campaign mantra therefore is a prescription for disaster .Change? now is a imperative, ? he said.

Maduekwe lamented that it is an irony that countries like China had at about same time? pulled? about 600million of her population out of the misery of? poverty following? institutionalization of? stringent economic policies.

?It is even more worrisome? that PDP led government in Nigeria managed the affairs of this country during? most? of the period in question.? PDP government lacks youth friendly policy that can enhance chances of our youth to? attend same developmental global index as their colleagues elsewhere.

?The? Millennium Development Goal (MDG) indicators that is set to expire this year has shown the abysmal failure of Nigeria under a clueless and inept PDP led administration of President Goodluck Jonathan .

?A cursory look at the global indexes for growth and development as it relates to Nigerian Youth is shocking. World Bank records indicate that despite our? rebased economy as the biggest in Africa , our youth population holds the highest global average of 70% proportion of the total youth population living below $1/day? and we are unfortunately closely followed in same group by Democratic Republic of Congo at 66.6% .

? Indonesia that had? lower GDP than Nigeria in late seventies is at a mere 7.7% although their current? population is much higher than that of? Nigeria.

He therefore listed some of the key areas the APC will intervene as mitigation of the crisis and rot in the education sector, Human capital development enhancement and youth? empowerment schemes.

Other measures include? promotion of? labour intensive public works requiring more hands in heavy infrastructure such as roads, railway, Gender sensitivity in policy programming and proclamation, De-criminalization of the street urchins and gangsters and youth citizenship promotion.

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