Business Industry can transform Politics in Ghana – Carlos Ahenkora

"Business Industry can change the face of Politics"- Carlos Ahenkora

Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah
Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah

His company is one of the top freight forwarders the country can boast of since 1992. A young boy who grew on the streets of Tema and it environs explains to his reasons for participating in politics and what he aims at achieving.

Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah
Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah
Carlos Kingsley Ahenkora, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary candidate for the Tema West constituency has explained why he has left the comfort of his business life to join politics.

He says he believes it about time the business community in Ghana gets involved in politics because they have what it takes to run the country effectively. “For me, politics is not a venture for the unemployed but for the very vexed in the society. They definitely have something good in them that will be of benefit to all,” he stated.

He said for him to have joined the political race, only means he has something good up his sleeves.
“Although am doing well in my private business, l believe that it is about time I give back to society due to the love I have for my party and the country at large,” he stated, adding that “although politics seems to be a dirty game, where people are free to talk to you as they pleased and invade your privacy at will, that should not discourage able people with good intentions from doing politics”.

“If l have been able to run a company for close to twenty-four years, and l have been successful, that should tell u l have something good up in my sleeve.”

He said there are a lot of unpleasant things happening in the political world today which can be handled with ease. “Clear instances of corruption and people finding ways to cut corners is something I wouldn’t do. I am not coming into politics for money. I am coming for the social good of the people am looking forward to serve” he noted.

He revealed that unemployment is a greater challenge faced by the youth in the country which he believes with his background and skills in business he can help the youth by creating jobs for them. This will help curb the rate of unemployment amongst the youth.

He added that empowering women to reach greater heights is one of his top-most priorities. ” lf you give a woman one hundred cedis (GHC100), she can sell charcoal in front of her house and her children and household will be of benefit. That should tell you women should be given the chance to excel because they make good use of the good things that come their way”.

With few months to the 2016 General Elections, Carlos says he is hopeful and know victory will be his because his chances of winning are high. He attributed this to the support gained from the people in the Tema West constituency. He admitted that it hasn’t been been easy because some are not happy with him for defeating the incumbent MP, lawyer Irene Naa Toshie Addo, in the party’s primaries last November 17, 2015. He however added that he has the majority support so he is certain he will be in the house of legislators after the elections.

“l have spent my whole life in Tema and its environs. I set my company in Tema, employed most of the Tema youth in the company. Therefore I know I have the ‘green lights,” he added.

Carlos stated that despite the internal wranglings in the NPP, the party still stands a better chance of winning this year’s Elections. He attributed this to the fact that Ghanaians are in need of change. He noted that every political party has its own issues to deal with. Therefore Ghanaians should think and put the future into consideration. He stated that the party executives are doing their best to settle the issues within the party. He however urged the members of the NPP to step up and ensure that all its differences are settled.


The parliamentary candidate said the NDC has disappointed Ghanaians in many aspects. According to him, the Mahama led Administration is in poor position and do not deserve another chance. He added that the ruling government has not been able to achieve anything since they took over in managing the country .

He emphasised the rate at which the Government has borrowed huge amounts of money, close to GHC200 billion yet all the social inventions like the NHIS, MMT has collapsed. He revealed that under the eight years of NPP under former President Kufour,the government borrowed GHC20 billion to bring up five social intervention programmes but all these has been collapsed by the NDC Adminstration. “I will rate them 12/100 due to their inefficiency”.


After defeating the incumbent MP lawyer Irene Naa Toshie Addo, the relationship between the two hasn’t been that of the best. Carlos revealed that the relationship is not cordial although he has tried to patch up with the sitting MP .

“I wanted to patch up with her since we all in the party with one aim of coming into power but she wouldn’t give me the chance.” According to him, madam Naa Toshie in an interview with one radio station after the primaries, promised to help him maintain the seat for thier party (NPP) but she is doing otherwise. To him this is not the best as they all serving one political party.

” l have nothing against her; the only advice I will give her is she is a young woman with many years ahead. She should take time so as not to destroy her political career. Who knows, when we come into power, she might get a better position so she should relax and lets work together for the good of our party and the country at large,” he stated.

As we visit the polls come November 7, 2016, Carlos pleaded with all, especially NPP members to be vigilant at all the polling centres. “All should be vigilant and ensure that the right things are done. But above all let’s maintain the peace the country has enjoyed over the years and is still enjoying. After all we are one people,” he added.

Despite the wrangling in the NPP, clashes with the sitting MP, and series of court cases brought up against him, Carlos Kingsley Ahenkora is hopeful of joining the house of legislators after the November 7 polls.

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