Home News Businesswoman Angela List Denies Allegations of Corruption and Deception

Businesswoman Angela List Denies Allegations of Corruption and Deception

Angela List
Angela List

Businesswoman Angela List has forcefully rebutted recent accusations of corruption and deceit leveled against her by various online news outlets.

In a robust response, Ms. List has called for the immediate retraction of the article titled “Unveiling the Deception and Corruption of Ghanaian Businesswoman Angela List,” asserting that the allegations are baseless and misleading.

Firm Denial of Allegations

In a statement issued today, Ms. List categorically refuted all allegations, dismissing them as inaccurate and a misrepresentation of her business ethics. She emphasized her unwavering commitment to ethical conduct in all aspects of her business dealings and demanded that the news portals issue retractions with the same prominence as the original article.

Addressing Allegations and Providing Rebuttals

The article in question accused Ms. List of involvement in an international corruption network, an accusation she vehemently denied. Ms. List underscored her compliance with legal frameworks in every jurisdiction where she operates, firmly denying any engagement in corrupt activities.

Moreover, the article alleged that Ms. List received undue favors from the Liberian government and exploited familial political ties for personal gain. Ms. List countered these claims by highlighting her team’s longstanding reputation and expertise in the Liberian mining sector, predating any political associations.

Clarifying Role with BCM Group and Business Practices

Responding to claims about her tenure at BCM Group, Ms. List clarified that she currently serves on a court-appointed Interim Management Committee tasked with overseeing the company’s affairs. She refuted allegations of impropriety during her tenure and emphasized her role in securing numerous regional contracts, including significant projects in Jordan.

Ms. List also denied accusations of transferring assets from BCM Group to her personal ventures without disclosure, asserting that all transactions were conducted transparently and in compliance with legal requirements.

Defending Against Additional Allegations

Challenging further allegations, Ms. List called for substantiation of claims regarding purported arrest warrants and travel restrictions issued by Jordanian authorities. She adamantly denied allegations of embezzlement, document forgery, and manipulation of corporate structures, asserting her steadfast adherence to ethical business practices throughout her career.

Call for Retraction and Ethical Reporting

In conclusion, Ms. List urged the news outlets to retract the unfounded claims and emphasized the importance of responsible journalism in safeguarding reputations and ensuring accuracy. She underscored that baseless accusations not only harm individuals but also undermine the integrity of the media.

Ms. List’s robust defense against these allegations reflects her steadfast commitment to upholding professional integrity and ethical standards in business.

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