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Computers often outlive their laptop computer batteries. Well made computers may need several replacement laptop batteries throughout its lifetime. In the 80s and 90s, computers changed very drastically every few years and people who wanted to keep up with technology were forced to buy an entirely new computer every couple of years. Now a day’s technology is still changing and updating frequently, but it is now easy that ever to update software programs and add more memory or use an external hard drive and it is not necessary to by a brand new computer. Mac computers can last ten years without problems, but it is very likely that their owners probably need to buy a new laptop battery several times in that ten year   period. People, who buy high quality computers and plan to use them for many years, should expect to need replacement laptop batteries at some point.

Laptop computer batteries are normally under warranty for one to three years depending on the company. Customers are often given the option to extend that warranty for an additional fee. The frequency in which a customer will need to buy a new laptop battery depends on a variety of factors. The brand and type of battery plays a role in how long it lasts. The type of laptop also play a role in how many recharges it can obtain before it is necessary to seek out one of the replacement laptop batteries. Another one of the factors that affects the frequency in which a customer will need to buy a replacement is how often the individual uses the computer and what type of activity they have while on the machine.

Running several programs at once, watching movies, and having the computer on “better performance mode” uses much more power.

When a battery starts to go, the owner may notice that the battery is no longer holding a charge for as long as it used to. They may need to charge the computer much more frequently than they once did. Another sign that it is time to look into laptop computer batteries is when it is no longer holding a charge at all when it is not connected to the wall. Basically the computer does not work unless it is connected to a power cord. Not being able to use the computer without the constant flow of electricity completely defeats the purpose of having a portable lap top computer. People who buy laptops need to realize that buying a new battery is inevitable and is merely part of being an owner. Unless someone plans on replacing their computer every year or two, the computer is sure to out live that battery that it starts out with. Normally if the device is faulty, the owner will know within the first few months while the computer is still under warranty. The company often replaces the broken part for free if it is under warranty. When buying computer parts, customers can either buy them directly at the store or find them for purchase on the internet.

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