The Leadership of the Local Government Workers Union (LGWU) Of Ghana Trades Union Congress (TUC) has called on the Controller and Accountant General (CAG) as a matter of urgency to refund the deductions made from the Single Spine Salary (SSS) arrears in December, 2011.
According to the LGWU, it seriously eroded the earnings of its members and forced them to endure economic hardship.
The union also wants the dues deducted for January 2012 is refunded. This was contained in a press release issued by the General Secretary of LGWU, Joe Boahen in Accra today.
The LGWU said the deduction from the arrears which range from 150 to 500 Ghana cedis, affected even the main salaries of the LGWU members concerned.
The amount deducted did not make it possible for the affected staff to enjoy the three months arrears paid in December, under the Single Spine Salary Pay Policy. The members of the LGWU who were no longer paying dues to the CSA were shocked in December when the CAG effected deductions from their arrears from 2010-2011.
The Union detected that in December, 2011, the dues deducted from the Single Spine Salary arrears were made to the Civil Servants Association. The leadership of the LGWU therefore wished to register its reservation in the strongest term, why the CAG effected the deductions under the item headed Civil Servants Association, when in fact, the affected members of the LGWU do not belong to that association.
The CAG has also been called upon not to deduct any dues from members of the LGWU for the Civil Servants Association with effect from February,2012 in order to avert any industrial unrest, the statement stressed.
Additionally, Industrial Relations Officers of the LWGU are being tasked to contact the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) to compile the names and staff numbers of the affected staff and to get the list endorsed by the Heads or Directors of the concerned staff. The LGWU Leadership will then forward them to the CAG for the necessary corrections to be made.
The Leadership commended the affected staff who had wanted to stage a nationwide protest against CAG, for agreeing to put their decision on hold.
The LGWU hopes the members will continue to exercise restraint in these trying moments, because the Leadership has held fruitful discussions with the CAG officials on getting the issues solved to the satisfaction of all, especially the union members concerned.
The statement indicated that: “The Leadership of LGWU wishes to reiterate that it had forwarded to the CAG, the completed forms from January, 2010 to December, 2011 of workers at the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies who have opted to pay dues to only the LGWU of Ghana Trades Union Congress following the creation of the Local Government Service, a situation which saw some categories of Civil Servants being transferred to the service.
It therefore came to the union as a surprise that the CAG had to effect such deductions making it possible for the LGWU members affected not to enjoy the SSSP arrears paid in December with the aim of cushioning against any hardship”


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