Cameo 1 Group Quality providing affordable accommodation for Ghanaians

Cameo 1
Cameo 1

A young private company, Cameo 1 has over the past few years been working hard at ensuring descent accommodation for Ghanaians, especially those of the working class.

Mr. Augustine Ewiah
Mr. Augustine Ewiah
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company, Augustine Ewiah told journalists here on … that after a well thought-out research the company came up with unique tailor-made products to meet the varied needs of Ghanaians.

The company has innovative products such as “Rent now Pay monthly”; “Home warranty”; “Open / Stage house”; “Property management”; as well as the sale of affordable and litigation free lands to its clients.

Mr. Ewiah who has over twenty years experience in the real estate industry in the US established Cameo 1 Group of companies to provide quality and affordable accommodation for Ghanaians of all classes.

Cameo 1
Cameo 1
Cameo 1 which started on the Spintex Road in 2012 later moved its offices to its present place at Legon-Accra.

With such innovative products, although Cameo 1 Group of companies is a young company, it has become one of the leading real estate companies in Ghana.

This success so far, the CEO attributed to the leadership he offers as well as the hard work and dedication of staff
According to him, approximately 70% of the working class in Accra cannot buy houses cash-down with very few avenues of mortgage payment systems in the country, making it difficult for workers in the country to find places to lay their heads.

Cameo 1
Cameo 1
Coupled with this situation, Mr. Ewiah also lamented the situation of landlords/landladies charging two to three years rent advance which most people cannot afford.
“To help solve this problem, Cameo 1 Group came up with the “Rent now, Pay monthly” product with the company paying the rent advance for the clients who later pay the company on monthly basis,” the CEO explained.

Cameo 1
Cameo 1
Through its Home warranty product, the company also offers clients who buy houses from them home maintenance services for free for a year which can be renewed by the clients afterwards.
Cameo 1 Group of companies has also expanded its scope to include recruitment services and health care services in its businesses, offering general recruitment services and stock as the only company offering into stock taking services in the country.


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  1. That’s is a great innovations cameo 1 has brought to Ghana and I this will go far to help the less privilege to rent easily..God bless Cameo1

    • Seriously?? Are you an accomplice or a customer? You probably don’t have a clue what you’re saying but will give you the benefit of the doubt and say you’re just naive. That company is nothing but a fraud with a scumbag so called CEO (CEO word misplaced in this instance).

  2. You actually believe this?? Talk is cheap they say. If you can do your own research as a news channel and come up with just one person who has benefitted from this so called scheme I’ll pay you $100 .

    20yrs experience in America you said? Huh…….. You guys deal with fake news


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