Cameroon fear of fuel shortage


State-run Cameroon Petroleum Depot Company (SCDP) has denied reports about fuel scarcity hitting parts of the country and called on citizens to stop panic buying of petrol or gasoline.

Over the last two weeks, long lines have formed at fuel stations, causing traffic jams and fraying tempers as car owners and motorists struggle to buy fuel in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, and commercial hub of Douala.

SCDP said in a statement Wednesday night that the fuel scarcity is “indeed artificial.”

“This situation, which has created widespread panic among consumers, artificially increases demand, which has suddenly become exponential, going from 900m3 to 1200m3 per day,” the storage and distribution company said in the statement. “In reality, this situation results essentially from poor communication which suggests that petroleum products and in particular super fuel, are not available for consumption, something which is not real considering (fuel) distribution made these last two weeks.”

Gas stations will continue to be stocked, the statement said, calling for calm and discipline.

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