Cameroon and Chad

Cameroon’s Defense Ministry said an army soldier was arrested on Wednesday over the killing of a civilian in the country’s English-speaking region of Northwest.

The soldier on patrol in Bamenda, capital of the Northwest region, fired warning shots at a vehicle fleeing from a checkpoint, with the driver shot dead, it said in a statement.

“The soldier who fired the shot was immediately arrested and is in the Bamenda gendarmerie company. (An) investigation was immediately ordered and is underway. The quintessence of its finding may be made public in due course,” said Defense Minister Joseph Beti Assomo.

The incident occurred amid accusations that the Cameroonian army has intentionally killed civilians in the Northwest region. Last weekend, some opposition leaders and Anglophone separatists held the army responsible for the killing of more than 20 civilians, including children in the region’s Ngarbuh village.

The army denied the allegations in a statement issued on Monday, while mentioning an accidental explosion that had killed a woman and four children in its fight with armed separatists seeking independence of the English-speaking Northwest and Southwest regions.

Cameroon’s government forces have increased attacks on the separatists since President Paul Biya vowed in December to fight those “who persist in going down the wrong road and continue to use violence.” Enditem



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